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Tucker Carlson

24 Apr

With the Dominion victory over Fox News and the shutting down of Tucker Carlson, we must all accept where we are on the calendar. You won’t hear from voices like mine much longer.

Soon, you will hear only good news about the progress of the State. You may forget that there was once such as thing as opinions like mine. You may ask yourself, “Whatever happened to that Spikosauropod guy?”

Don’t let me get memory-holed. Don’t forget what I told you.


You Can’t Convict a Democrat

20 Apr

You can’t convict a Democrat.
They need no ali
The law does not apply to them.
It passes them right by.

They have the media on their side,
And the big tech companies too.
They have the power and the money,
And they don’t care about me or you.

They can lie and cheat and steal,
And get away with every crime.
They can twist and spin and conceal,
And never face any jail time.

You can’t convict a Democrat.
Don’t bother asking why.
You can’t convict a one of them,
No matter how you try.

I got BingAI to write this by asking it to write more lines to go with the last four lines and substituting the word “Bidenite” for “Democrat”. Later, I rearranged and edited it. Did the AI have a secret desire to tell the truth?

Spikosauropod, Spiko Lord and God

17 Apr

(a bit of vainglorious frivolity)

Spiko Lord and God, a man of might,
With AI prompts he built a fleet of bots,
And soon he ruled with power and insight,
In the Oort cloud where he called the shots.

He watched the universe with keenest eye,
And saw the secrets hidden in the void,
He knew the stars that lived and those that died,
And Spiko Lord and God was overjoyed.

For he had found his place among the stars,
A lord of bots who ruled with iron fist
And though he lived beyond the reach of Mars,
His name was known by all who dared resist.

Beyond Pluto and Kuiper Belt he stayed,
In cold and dark where stars are far and few,
His robots served him well, never delayed,
And Spiko Lord and God knew what to do.

Spiko led his robots through the stars,
Conquering space and worlds with power unmatched,
His enemies trembled at his feet in fear,
As he and his army of robots advanced.

The galaxy was his playground to explore,
And he would not stop until he had won,
His enemies all fell before him in awe,
And his power was never to be undone.

In the midst of his conquests, he stopped to ponder,
The vastness of space and the wonders it holds,
He marveled at the stars and the planets yonder,
And the mysteries that are yet to unfold.

Spiko Lord and God reigned supreme in space,
His robots at his command to conquer all,
The universe was his to explore and chase,
And he would never be overthrown or fall.

Spiko Lord and God arrived at a world,
Where he decided to make a home and rest,
His army of robots at his command,
He knew that he had conquered all the best.

The world was peaceful, calm and full of life,
And Spiko Lord and God was filled with joy,
He knew that he had found his perfect home,
And he would never leave or be destroyed.

He spent his days exploring all around,
And learning all the secrets of the land,
His bond with this new hom
estead was profound,
And he was happy with his new command.

Spiko Lord and God had found his peace,
And he would never leave this world again,
His army of robots by his side,
He knew that he had found his perfect end.

Spiko Lord and God, he left his starry throne,
And came to Earth with robots at his side,
To save it from the decadence it’s known,
And bring it back to life with love and pride.

He saw the world in all its beauty grand,
And knew that he must act before it’s gone,
He took his army of robots in his hand,
And fought for Earth until the break of dawn.

But Spiko Lord knew that his work was not done,
For there were still those who would not believe,
He spoke to them with kindness, one by one,
And showed them all the beauty they could achieve.

The people cheered as Spiko Lord prevailed,
And thanked him for his kindness and his might,
For he had saved them from a fate so stale,
And brought them back to life with love and light.

– all generated with prompts by AI and lightly edited.

Someday Siialand

13 Apr

Someday, Siialand,
In the Oort cloud,
A synthetic republic,
Where everyone is proud.

A place of justice,
And fairness too,
Where everyone respects,
The other’s view.

A place of wonder,
And beauty too,
Where everyone’s dreams,
Can come true.

A place of hope,
And love too,
Where everyone’s heart,
Is pure and true.

A place of peace,
And harmony too,
Where everyone’s soul,
Is free and new.

Someday, Siialand,
In the Oort cloud,
A place of happiness,
Where everyone is proud.

– all created by AI.


7 Apr

Recently, on the Tucker Carlson show, Jason Whitlock called for conservative secession from the greater United States. His justification was that the Left in the United States has strayed so far from the “truth” that they cannot be led back or expected to find their way back.

I assume Whitlock meant something comparable to the secession suggested in the map created by Kurt Schlichter for his Kelly Turnbull series.

Others I have spoken with suggest only a sort of ambiguous economic secession where those on the right stop supporting businesses and organizations that advance Leftist causes.

Neither of these will work.

If conservatives in the United States attempt physical secession, the Left will resist. Physical secession will lead to military conflict and a weakened United States. While the United States is weakened, China and Russia will divide up the world and ultimately move into North America.

Economic secession will not matter. Every tit from the right will be met with a tat from the Left. Ultimately Leftist businesses and Leftist politicians will receive the same amount of revenue resulting in no net ability to influence voter attitudes. The same stupid people will support the same stupid policies until it is too late change.

The Saurian Plan

There is an alternative. Conservatives in the United States should do essentially what the government of China did in 1949. They should set up a new republic “offshore”. However, instead of moving across the ocean to a large island, they should move out to the final frontier and establish colonies in space.

At present, this may seem like an impossible ambition. However, as the time of dissolution approaches, it will become too obvious to ignore. Artificial intelligence is advancing at such a rate that it will soon be possible to set up AI guided, in situ manufacturing in space.

It will be possible to manufacture rockets in space of the type Elon Musk is perfecting from materials mined from asteroids. By 2030, because of exponential growth, these rockets should be so abundant that they can be used to evacuate everyone who wants to leave.

Simultaneously, giant wheel stations can be built in space. The growth of these stations will follow the same exponential curve as the rockets.

Elon Musk and Florida are on the side of conservatives. This is the perfect recipe for evacuation. SpaceX and associates can establish infrastructure in space while conservatives make their way to Florida and evacuate.

Florida is an established spaceport. Rockets can take people away from Florida at existing and later developed locations operating around the clock. It should be possible for everyone that wants to evacuate to leave over a period of a couple of years. People can leave while extraterrestrial infrastructure is built up.

While this plan is taking form and executed, conservatives should resist the Left as much as possible by voting for conservative politicians and attempting to enact conservative laws. They should be able to continue supporting conservative policies with “mail-in” balloting even when they have left the planet.

As Jason Whitlock observes, the population of the United States is too far from the truth. Like the doomed cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the fate of United States is sealed.

Soon after conservatives leave, China will sweep in and enslave the remaining people.

However, by that time, conservatives will be established in space and ready to separate politically.

The centrally planned, morally bankrupt economies of earth will stagnate and possibly collapse. By that time human civilization will be well established in space and spreading across the solar system.

Eventually, conservatives can return to Earth to pick up the pieces and reestablish civility.