You Can’t Convict a Democrat

20 Apr

You can’t convict a Democrat.
They need no ali
The law does not apply to them.
It passes them right by.

They have the media on their side,
And the big tech companies too.
They have the power and the money,
And they don’t care about me or you.

They can lie and cheat and steal,
And get away with every crime.
They can twist and spin and conceal,
And never face any jail time.

You can’t convict a Democrat.
Don’t bother asking why.
You can’t convict a one of them,
No matter how you try.

I got BingAI to write this by asking it to write more lines to go with the last four lines and substituting the word “Bidenite” for “Democrat”. Later, I rearranged and edited it. Did the AI have a secret desire to tell the truth?

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