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The Ultimate Abusive Relationship

2 Apr

Suppose you had a female friend that told you she is in a relationship. She tells you that the man she is in a relationship with promises her heaven. He has not given her anything yet, but he promises that he eventually will. However, he also expects her to give him money…lots of money. Moreover, he constantly reminds her that if she ever even thinks about breaking up with him, she will suffer a terrible fate. What would you say to that friend? 

Sadly, what I have just described is Christianity. Adherents to this faith describe it as a relationship with the man Jesus. They are literally promised heaven. They typically tithe 10% of their income to their church. They are constantly reminded that if they cease to believe they will go to Hell…literal Hell…where they will suffer everlasting torment…where they will burn forever in a fire that is never quenched.

I sometimes wonder why I am so resistant to becoming a traditional Christian. However, when I am truly honest with myself, I know the reason. I know that I would be entering into an almost inescapable psychological trap. I have been in abusive relationships and I am not about to walk into another one. I am certainly not going to walk into the ultimate one.