Unbelievably Stupid America (USA)

3 Jul

Friends and acquaintances keep pointing out the obvious incompetence of the Biden administration and insisting that Americans will see this and vote for Republicans. However, I am convinced that they are mistaken.

One of the main arguments I hear is that Americans will suffer from Biden administration policies and will “vote their pocket books”. The way the argument goes is that when Americans experience inflation and higher crime, they will vote out whichever party is in power. However, there is a critical mistake in this assumption. In actuality, Americans will vote out whichever party they “perceive” to be in power. If they perceive Democrats to be in power, they will vote for Republicans. If they perceive Republicans to be in power, they will vote for Democrats. However, Democrats have stumbled onto a remarkable realization: Americans are stupid. Apparently, they were not always as stupid as they are now. This appears to be a recent development. Republicans apparently have not accepted how stupid Americans are or are incapable of internalizing and acting on it. Consequently, they repeat implausible memes such as, “Never bet against the American People.”

The Democrats have realized that Americans are so stupid that they can be made to believe that a party that is in power is actually not in power. The most recent and flagrant example of Democrats realizing this and putting it into practice is the issue over rising crime. Any American with common sense would look at crime rising in Democrat regions and realize that this was caused by Democrat policies. Specifically, they would realize it is because of Democrats declaring that they intend to defund police and then proceeding to do so. This realization should be bolstered by the observation that nearly every Democrat in power in regions that have rising crime have actually declared their lack of support for police.

However, here is the catch. The Democrats realize how stupid Americans are. They have made the remarkable claim that it is Republicans that have caused this problem. As their argument goes, the Republicans refused to vote for a giant federal pork bill, the American Rescue Plan, that ostensibly could be used to support the police. Therefore, the Republicans have voted against supporting the police.

This argument should not work at all. However, the dishonest legacy media has picked up the argument and repeated it verbatim. Here is one example:

Opinion: The GOP should be held accountable for deserting law and order

Americans are so stupid that they are certain to believe this. The net effect is that they will perceive the Republicans to hold the real power. Consequently, when given the opportunity to vote against the party in power, they will vote against the Republicans.

This is just one example, but it is one that the Democrats have latched onto and will undoubtedly replicate. To anyone with sufficient literacy to read the present essay, that argument will seem laughable. However, to the majority to Americans it is not laughable at all. It is awareness. It is understanding. It is truth.

In 2022, Americans will be convinced that all of the problems we have are a result of the Republicans having too much political power, and they will vote against Republicans and incidentally give more power to Democrats.

Once democrats win in 2022, they will use their even greater power to ensure that most Americans believe they still lack sufficient power to prevent the onslaught of Republican destruction. Americans will be overwhelmed with legacy media claims that there is a powerful Republican conspiracy to destroy the climate, oppress minority races, and increase crime for the sole purpose of making Democrats look bad. Before long, there will be only one voice in America, and Unbelievably Stupid Americans will believe that voice.

It is not possible to build or rebuild a great republic over a stupid populace. America is not salvageable. Like I have argued in the past, the only option for those who are neither stupid nor in power is to hold out until it is possible to leave and set up a legitimate government elsewhere. That is why I am a SIIA.

As of now, it does not appear that there is anywhere else to go, but soon there will be. When AI starts to slip over the threshold into general intelligence and can work in space independently, it will be possible to send out self-replicating robotic systems that will be able to build up extra-terrestrial infrastructure. I have described this process in other essays:

Colonizing Space

One may raise the question: won’t Democrats take over space too? The answer is no. Democrats are not interested in growth. They are only interested in control.  They see growth as a Republican paradigm. The Democrat dream is to implement an agrarian utopia based on the philosophy of Karl Marx. They actually have a very simple pre-industrial model of economics similar to the zero-sum policies of empires like that of Sargon and Hammurabi. Zero-sum economic philosophies inevitably exclude any ideas about growth and expansion.

Democrats will leave space to capitalists and actually welcome their departure.

See ya in Siialand!


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  1. Alice May 21, 2022 at 5:01 am #

    Thanks great bloog post

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