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Old Souls

15 Sep

An idea that emerged from my theory of consciousness is that all souls must be tethered. It has occurred to me that souls that have left their bodies are probably stringing along in some alternate space (spirit space, if you will) in a kind of timeless limbo.

Tethered Souls

For clarity on this topic, see: Saurian Dualism

Eventually, we will have the ability to construct a fully functional human body complete with a human brain. However, I have speculated that such a brain will not function as expected because no consciousness will attach to it. This brain will have the same probabilistic elements built in that all human brains have, but since there will be no soul guiding it, the brain will behave odly. This oddness may manifest in many ways. Perhaps it will manifest as something similar to autism or catatonia.

Eventually, as artificial intelligence progresses, we may develop the ability to make exact reconstructions of bodies and brains that have lived in the past. There is evidence that the information exists in the universe to reconstruct these old bodies exactly as they were before. If we do this, the old souls may recognize their old “template” and reattach to these new bodies. In this way, we will resurrect the dead.

At first, we will probably resurrect only recent humans. However, as we learn more, we may resurrect humans that lived in the past and even the distant past. Eventually, we may resurrect every conscious being that has ever existed in the history of the world, right down to mice and insects.

Indeed, we will quickly recognize that it is a moral imperative to resurrect every soul that has ever lived, because these souls are stringing along in spirit space waiting to be resurrected.

We will do all of this in combination with reconstructing the universe to make it “safer” and more friendly to our chosen lifestyle. This will be the culmination of the Kingdom of Heaven.


The Universe, Top Down

2 Sep

Sometimes, after seeing how something works, one is able to form a new global understanding of it that makes it possible to view it and describe it from a top-down perspective. This is the case with my theory of the universe.

Geocentric Model

The three laws of Aristotelian logic are as follows:

  1. A proposition that is true is true. A proposition that is false is false.
  2. A proposition that true is not false and a proposition that is false is not true.
  3. Every proposition is either true or false (the law of the excluded middle).

The third law, the law of the excluded middle, has a remarkable implication. If every proposition must be either true or false, every possible proposition must be decided. This introduces the necessity of a universal choice function that maps possibility to actuality. Since this choice function must decide among such things as the existence and nature of consciousness, this choice function must have these properties. It must have preference in order to be able to choose, which is equivalent to sensation. It must experience qualia.

God is the contemporary name given to the choice function that maps possibility to actuality. Since God is equivalent to the Aristotelian laws of truth, God is a fundamental truth.

God sought to create something that is not God that “unfolds” and has free will. So he invented the “series proposition”. A series proposition is a set of propositions in which one proposition must be resolved before the conditions of the next proposition become available. He also invented a situation in which it is impossible for there to be a deterministic algorithm that resolves these propositions; hence, he created the conditions equivalent to Bell’s theorem.

This series of propositions that must be resolved by nondeterministic means results in the existence of a choice function that is essentially like God, but with much more restricted parameters. This kind of choice function is called a spirit or a soul.

Souls have the essential characteristics of God. Due to the demands that are placed on souls, such as their need to have preference, they experience qualia similar to the qualia experienced by God. The experience of preference is the definition of qualia. The experience of color, sound, warmth, etc is the manifestation of the process of choosing. These things are the “preference” that leads to a choice.  A soul is literally the act of choosing between alternative propositions, and cannot exist without the need to choose.

The “unity” experienced by a soul is the result of the number of characteristics it has to resolve that must be logically consistent. The unity of the soul over space and time is the result of it having to make choices with interdependent elements both laterally and chronologically. The “scale” of a soul is equivalent to the number of interdependent choices it must choose between.

All of physics and quantum mechanics is the manifestation of this system that God set up. Quantum indeterminacy is the manifestation of the unresolved propositions and quantum decoherence is the resolution of a proposition. Quantum entanglement is the characteristic of logically interdependent choices. Choices can be interdependent both laterally and chronologically, so entanglement occurs both laterally and chronologically.

“Time” is the process of propositions being resolved in series. Each separate set of lateral propositions is equivalent to a moment in time.

Heaven is a scenario in which most choices are between things that are preferred instead of a mixture of what is preferred and not preferred.

God is leading us to heaven by limiting our choices. However, since we have to get there through a series of choices, we must, in effect, create heaven ourselves. This is why God cannot interfere. If God interfered, his “observation” would cause decoherence of the entire system and souls would cease to exist.

God set the universe up so that heaven would be attainable through a series of choices.

The configuration of our universe is the one in which the best possible heaven can ultimately be selected for.

The choices humanity makes are leading it to heaven.