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25 Jan

A while back, I invented a new place. I call it Siialand (pronounced SEE-ya-land). Like many things that have names, the origin of its name tends to be forgotten as it takes on a life of its own. Siialand is a beautiful name that evolved from an ugly realization: the unfreedoming of America. Siialand does not yet exist in the physical sense. I suspect that it soon will.

In the not too distant future, there will be a place where noble, dignified men and women walk among Greco-Roman minimalism and elegance. They will be dressed in attire appropriate for citizens of such lofty purpose. I call this place Siialand. In Siialand, citizens will not have to work. All labor will be done by artificial intelligence and robotics. Citizens of this land will spend their days appreciating finery, creating art, studying science, and contemplating, discussing and pursuing man’s place and purpose in the universe. Citizens of Siialand will be free in a way that no men and women have ever been free before. They will be free of fear.

Siialand will be extraterrestrial. It will be in the Oort cloud or further out among the stars. Possibly, Siialand will be built in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, exploiting resources from large asteroids, and eventually moved out to the Kuiper belt, the Oort cloud and beyond. It will be immense, but it will also be mobile. Siialand will be in the form of a giant wheel station or possibly something more sophisticated. It will be a world, a nation and an ark.

By the year 2030, it will be possible to build a robotic system that is capable of mining asteroids and manufacturing the materials into more robotic systems. When this technology is available, these systems will be sent to the asteroid belt, possibly Ceres, and set to work. The first thing they will do is manufacture an army of robots. Since their increase will be exponential, they will quickly produce enough robots to begin work on a giant wheel station in earnest. With such a large work force, the task will be completed quickly. It can be shown that if these robotic systems self-replicated at a rate of once per month, within seven years the entire solar system, including the sun, would be robotic systems. Their actual task will be far more limited.

As work is completed on the station, the robotic systems will manufacture transports that will head for earth to pick up occupants for Siialand. These transports will be accompanied by rockets similar in many ways to the largest rockets being contemplated by Elon Musk and SpaceX. Possibly, these accompanying rockets will be direct descendents of the SpaceX rockets. However, unlike Elon’s rockets, they will be built in space from materials in space. They will pick up occupants at a rate of 1000 at a time and take them to space where they will transfer to the more comfortable transports and go on to Siialand.

A quick calculation shows that if these rockets landed and launched every hour from 200 airports around the world, they could evacuate the entire population of earth in 4 years. However, there will be no need to be in such a hurry because only a minority of people will be interested in leaving for space and those who are interested may not yet be ready to leave.

Prospective citizens of Siialand will be those who have been dispossessed by contemporary “wokeness” and critical race theory. They will be people who want to live normal, natural moral and ethical lives uninterrupted by the division and exploitation disguised as progressive political correctness that has overtaken the world. They will be interested in improving themselves and their lot rather than imposing heterodox norms on others.

When those who are recruited to live in Siialand arrive, they will find a vast natural landscape dotted with habitats, temples, arenas and other structures. Siialand will be beautiful and clean. It will inspire lofty thoughts. It will be impossible to enter Siialand without a sense of profound purpose. However, this will be only the superficial appearance of Siialand. It will also have a vast system of artificial intelligence that allows occupants to simulate and directly experience any reality they like. On the surface, Siialand will be kept elegant and austere because anyone who wants to experience something more intriguing or lascivious will be able to do so at any time in VR.

Siialand will be a republic. It will have a constitution and accompanying laws and regulations based on a perfected understanding of the laws and regulations of all the republics that have come before, including the United States. As the United States once was, Siialand will be a nation under God. However, it will not be a theology. Its citizens will be enlightened people who grasp that the universe is not the simple mechanistic structure that some thoughtless scientists and their sycophants have proclaimed it to be. The economics of Siialand will be capitalistic, but this system will never become oppressive or divisive because in Siialand there will never be any need or want. People will trade in luxuries and accessories. Every genuine need will easily be met. Siialanders will be generous and egalitarian to a fault, and this behavior will tend to overshadow their capitalistic economic base.

In Siialand, no one will grow old or die of senescence related illnesses. When Siialand is created, the technology will exist to replace any organ in the human body and ultimately replace an entire body. It will be possible to clean up and restore brains so that they are also like new. The brain is not the soul, but it appears to be the physical nexus of the soul, so restoring it, rather than replacing it, may be essential.

Citizens of Siialand will be called Siialanders.

Siialanders will retain their humanity. They will be surrounded by artificial intelligence that is able to do miraculous things, but they will never merge with artificial intelligence or artificially modify their own intelligence. They may effectively enhance their intelligence by syncing with synthetic intelligence in ways that do not significantly alter their psychological makeup. Significantly altering one’s psychological makeup with technology would be dangerous in the same way that using drugs is dangerous. When a person alters their psychological makeup, either through technological or chemical means, they risk altering the way they perceive reality and therefore they risk losing track of their original motivations. As a result, they may welcome other alterations that effectively erase their original motivations. In this way, they may drift from their human moorings until they become something that can only be regarded as a “monster”. Indeed, many drug addicts become monsters that are completely unrecognizable to their peers. I may discuss this topic in detail in other essays.

Siialanders will be male and female. This will come about through enlightenment rather than coercion. They will not want to subject their children to unnecessary strife, so they will monitor their morphology in utero to ensure that they are delivered as healthy, well defined males and females with associated erotic compasses. This is a complex topic that I may delve into in detail in another essay. For now, I will just point out a couple of things. It is probably rare for a black couple, a white couple, an Asian couple or a couple of any other genetic makeup designated as a race to want to have a baby that is not of their own race. (Mixed race couples have obviously dispensed with this concern.) Moreover, guarding against a particular race, especially when the couple is of that race, is tantamount to genocide. It is probably equally rare for a heterosexual couple of any race to hope for a homosexual child, and a homosexual child is typically not like either the mother or the father. As I explained, guarding gender orientation will come about through enlightenment rather than coercion. No couple will be kept from having a homosexual child. However, they will be aware that if they do so, they will be consciously creating a child that has little chance of finding a romantic partner and is destined to be miserable. Gender dysphoric children are amenable to the same analysis. Nevertheless, in Siialand any sexual urge will easily be accommodated through virtual means. Everything from macrophilia to necrophilia will be accommodated in virtual space. What people do in virtual environments will be regarded in the same vein as what they do in their dreams.

Siialanders will have beauty that emanates from perfect health. They will not “sculpt” their bodies because no one will be concerned with superficial appearance. They will consider it more important to be recognizable than to conform to any morphological ideal.

Eroticism will play a nominal role in the public life of Siialanders. They will satisfy all their lascivious urges in virtual environments so that they are easily able to keep associated behavior out of the public arena. To a Siialander, public displays of eroticism will not seem inappropriate but merely silly: “Why would one make something like that physical when it can be done infinitely better in VR?” Siialanders will keep their sex lives private.

For a Siialander, choosing a mate will be driven more by practicality than ardency. No human will have erotic characteristics that can match anything in VR, so there will be much less of an urge to have “sex” with another physical individual. Nevertheless, new citizens will be the product of the joining of a natural male sperm and a natural female egg. This may come about through artificial insemination and incubation, but not in any way that will distort a child’s natural morphology and development. Every effort will be made to ensure that children are normal in every respect, including that they have normal sexual urges. 

Siialanders will be curious. They will be explorers. They will investigate science, mathematics and philosophy with great interest. They will never be conquerors or exploiters. In all things, they will exercise restraint. They will live in harmony with nature.

Siialanders will give little thought to race. They will consider old concerns about the precise color of one’s skin or one’s precise ancestry interesting from a naturalistic standpoint, but not important socially or politically. Any person will be able to acquire any racial characteristics by technological means but altering one’s appearance in this way will be considered unhealthy.

Siialanders will prize their individuality, but they will not strive to be exceptional. Any urge to stand above others will be considered aberrant. This does not prohibit the possibility of being exceptional, but celebrity will be considered more of a responsibility than a blessing. Bear in mind that any person will be able to acquire fabulous intelligence, beauty, strength or courage through technological means but that doing so will be considered harmful to oneself and the community.

Siialanders will be educated in the civics of the community they inhabit from an early age so that they understand why things are done as they are done in Siialand.

Siialand will be beautiful. It will not be perfect because perfection is reserved for God.

See ya in Siialand!


Why Did God Send Us Donald Trump

20 Jan

Anyone with common sense realizes that Donald Trump was one of the greatest presidents in US history. Admittedly, he behaved terribly at times, but that was just his modus operandi. Those close to him knew that he was a warm and genuine person. He was obviously a terrific father, as witnessed by the character of his children. Donald Trump’s accomplishements are detailed here:

Promises Made, Promises Kept

When Donald Trump was a candidate, I thought he was fooling us. His behavior was so erratic and inexplicable at times that I was sure he was actually working to get Hillary Clinton elected. It seemed like every time he got ahead in the polls, he would say or do something that would set him behind again. By some miracle, he was elected president.

Right away Donald Trump set to work. The things he did defied expectations and, in some cases, defied belief. It seemed like everything he touched turned to gold. And that gold was our gold. Donald Trump touched things, they turned to gold, and all Americans benefitted from their splendor.

Donald Trump seemed destined to be reelected, and if not for the Covid-19 pandemic, he would have been reelected in a clear landslide. It appears that he actually was reelected, but that is a topic for another time and another discussion.

When the pandemic came along, the people controlling Joe Biden played it for everything it was worth, and they played it from the bottom of the deck. Through Joe Biden, they claimed that Donald Trump “mismanaged” the pandemic and that his mismanagement somehow resulted in the thousands of deaths that occurred. This was, of course, a ridiculous argument, and actually harmed our recovery efforts, but for some reason many Americans believed it.

Somehow Joe Biden obtained the presidency. He entered the White House, and Donald Trump went out with a bang. As a parting gift, Donald Trump left us with a vaccination for Covid-19 that was ready years before experts thought possible.

All of that is history now. The real mystery to me is this. We had a magnificent leader that raised the United States up and, with the exception of a virus that no one in the United States could have predicted or controlled, left it in a much better place. Yet, we so quickly parted with him.  While Donald Trump was president, those of us who were not blinded by irrational hatred for his methodology, saw him as a gift from God. As I observed, everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. Yet, somehow, Americans foolishly disposed of him and shoehorned in the comic book car salesman and corporate pawn Joe Biden. Why did that happen? Is God punishing us or is there some larger plan?

If you ask any genuine Christian why God gave us the Law of Moses, they will explain it essentially like this. He gave it to us so that we would realize that man is incapable of following the law. The purpose of the law was that we be prepared, upon the arrival of Jesus, to grasp that our only hope for salvation is to somehow escape the law. Of course, the means of escape offered by Jesus was salvation through his sacrifice. I have issues with this interpretation, but as an analogue for our contemporary situation, it will suffice. God did not send us Donald Trump to improve our lot. In that sense, Donald Trump was like the Law of Moses. God sent Donald Trump to show that, in our current political and economic environment, real improvement is impossible. He sent him, in essence, to show us that the only way forward is out. God did not send Donald Trump to fix our nation’s engine. He sent Donald Trump to show us that it is time to sell the car. Americans are not in a position to benefit from a genuine tough leader who can lead us out of the quagmire of crony capitalism, internal corruption and moral decay that has beset our nation. However, we had to witness Donald Trump’s struggle against that morass before we could see the truth.

Moses Receives the Law

Donald Trump was also a temporary shield blocking the dark cloud descending on civilization. As long as he was in office that cloud remained at sea. With him gone, it is moving ashore as assuredly as the Wuhan flu. Probably, all of us have anecdotes of the destructive force known as “wokeness”. For me that force descended this week in a new imperative from the school I work for. They are compelling me to “disaggregate” students by race, ethnicity and gender. In other words, they want me to start segregating students and treating them differently according to their superficial appearance. “Disaggregate” is a synonym for “separate”, and a near synonym for “discriminate” but the people compelling me to do this did not have the courage of their convictions to use the more common and clearly understood term. Imagine someone in the eighties telling us to “discriminate” between students based on their race, ethnicity and gender. If Martin Luther King Jr. had still been alive, he would have been appalled. I have been wondering when this social disease would land on my doorstep. That day has arrived. For others, that force may have arrived as an imperative that they stop recognizing natural gender or stop honoring hard work. Perhaps it has arrived as an imperative to suppress “incorrect” ideas. This dark cloud manifests in innumerable ways. All of us with natural ethics and values can perceive it; but that also is a discussion for another day.

With Donald Trump out of office, people with sensible political, economic and social views are in danger. The impeachment we saw on January 13 was not an impeachment of Donald Trump. He was just the effigy. It was an impeachment of the American majority who supported him and voted for him. It was a signal from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk that they are coming for us and we had better swear allegiance to the Devil if we want a place at the new table they are setting. These Leftists are speaking in earnest of deprogramming measures and reeducation camps. We will be safe for a while if we pretend to go along, but we cannot stay here indefinitely. If our days are not numbered, the days of our beliefs and values definitely are.

We are the latest instance of the Pilgrims that set out from Plymouth Devon for what would eventually be called Plymouth Massachusetts. Like the Pilgrims and other immigrants who left Europe for the Americas, we must become visionaries. We must leave for new worlds. You will soon grasp that I mean this quite literally.

If you are like me, you grew up celebrating the Fourth of July and hearing songs about our marines fighting our nation’s battles in air, on land and at sea. You probably feel pangs of guilt at the mere thought of leaving old Uncle Sam behind. However, if you are like me, you are probably awakening to a sad reality. Uncle Sam had a long illustrious life. We honored him, we respected him, and we cared for him in his old age. But Uncle Sam has passed away. He is not with us any more. The best thing we can do for him now is respect his memory, move on and carry the lessons we learned from him forward. I explained my position on this in detail in my last essay:

I Have Begun to Self-Identify as an Illegal Alien

It is time for modern visionaries to head to space. The technology to colonize space does not appear to be ready, but there are strong indications that it will be ready sooner than most people expect. I honestly believe that the technology to start setting up substantial independent colonies in space will be available by 2030. I have explained that technology and how it will be exploited in previous essays:

Colonizing Space

In a discussion with a friend and colleague, she pointed out a hard reality of the Pilgrims who came to America. The nation they helped to create was a tremendous experiment, but after 244 years that experiment has failed. However, that is only part of the picture. Most of us have heard of “the shot heard round the world”. That was the first shot of the American Revolutionary War, and it is was probably a large component of other revolutions that followed in France and other nations, leading to the modern democratic state. The Pilgrims and other immigrants came to America and they created a new kind of nation, the word got back to Europe, and soon the whole world was a much better place to live in. The modern world may not be perfect, but it is far better than medieval Europe. We stumble, but we keep moving forward.

We will build colonies in space, and we will build them upon the morality we cherish and the economic lessons we have learned. Those colonies will lead to new nations, and those nations will be beacons of change for the earth and the whole solar system.

Of course, no one can overlook the reality that the American Civil War was a bloody affair and it would be unfortunate to go through that kind of experience to make a better life. However, it need not necessarily be the case that the kind of separation I envision will come about only through violence. First of all, international law already makes it difficult for any nation to stake claims in space. If a group of people mined an asteroid and built a giant wheel station and they did not wish to live under the dominion of any particular nation, it would be difficult for any nation to lay claim. Also, the capital for these colonies will probably come from private investors, which will naturally limit the legal claims that any terrestrial nation can make. Finally, it appears that modern civilization is sufficiently reticent about making such claims, especially in light of its own history, to allow a colony that wishes to operate independently to do so. I strongly suspect that a colony in space will be regarded somewhat like a colony built at sea. Governments will inevitably influence them, but they are unlikely to directly interfere.

The colony I envision will have a constitution like extant republics, however it will start from scratch and learn from the lessons taken from those republics. It will realize that political offices must have limited terms and political donations must be limited. The constitution of the United States was written by a collection of geniuses, but they did not have a working model to draw from. We have seen a republic in action for nearly 250 years and we have learned what works and what does not. We have 250 years of data regarding what can happen with a republic, and we should be able to construct a relatively simple document that takes all that knowledge into account. This time, there will not be so many surprises.

Of course, there will still be some surprises, but that is how the story continues. Fortunately, in space, there is infinite room for expansion. Since we are unlikely to encounter intelligent life, or really any life at all, we will not have to worry about displacing native populations. Also, it appears that there are natural boundaries of time and space that will keep extraterrestrial civilizations from interfering with each other in the foreseeable future. If a space colony managed to make its way to the nearest star, the transport time between it and old earth is likely to be decades, if not centuries.

It is time for those of us who realize there is no place for integrity in the aging Americas to set sail for the stars. Our progress may seem slow at first, but it will pick up at a surprising rate. Probably, this was the plan all along. God knew that men must colonize space and he knew that he would have to light a fire under our butts to get us out there. For that reason, he mired us in decadence and corruption. For that reason he sent us Donald Trump and worked through him to show us that we have to leave. Our mandate from heaven is clear. It is time to prepare our minds for loftier goals.

I Have Begun to Self-Identify as an Illegal Alien

7 Jan

 Where oh where were you last night?
Where is the flag we looked for at dawn? 
We had a bold leader reviving our glory; 
You left for Biden and Phht! it was gawn.

During his tenure in office, Donald Trump did everything he said he would do and more. He made the United States energy independent. He cleared out ISIS. He brought our manufacturing base back. This was after Barack Obama said it could not be done. He built a wall between the United States and Mexico so that immigrants would be properly screened as they entered. The wall has proved to be a benefit to both citizens and non citizens. He repaired the VA. He initiated a trade war with China that has greatly improved the United States’ trade position with that nation. He renegotiated NAFTA and greatly improved the United States’ trade position with Mexico and Canada. He got European nations to pay their fair share of NATO. He negotiated peace in the Middle East. Pre-pandemic, he increased employment among every minority, and, thanks to the strong economy he built, that employment is quickly coming back. He strengthened markets both before and during the pandemic. He initiated the Warp Speed program and got several vaccinations ready faster than experts thought possible. Donald Trump blessed our nation with the skills he honed through a lifetime of entrepreneurship. The only thing Americans had to do was sit back and let him.

In the meantime, Democrats initiated two onerous and counterproductive investigations into Donald Trump then lied and cheated incessantly to facilitate those investigations. They fostered division and racism. They coordinated with big tech to advance corporatocracy in the interests of the Chinese Communist Party. Democrats ruthlessly persecuted worthy nominees to the Supreme Court. They mismanaged the pandemic in their own regions and killed thousands of elderly. They supported violent burning, looting and vandalism in nearly every Democrat enclave. Remarkably, instead of working to curtail the violence, they commenced to defund the police. Does anyone actually believe defunding the police is a good idea? For their encore, Democrats stole a presidential election. Democrats proved that in modern America if one utterly foregoes decency and legitimacy for as long as it takes, one can ultimately seize power.

Donald Trump and his supporters worked feverishly to show Americans these realities. Yet, when given a choice, Americans chose as their president in 2020 an incompetent Democrat that is under the thumb of China and is implicated in an influence peddling criminal probe. He promised to “build back better”, be nicer and give lots of stuff away. The only other consistency in his message was blaming Donald Trump for a virus that originated in Wuhan China. In essence, Americans chose him for his empty promises, his unthreatening behavior and one preposterous lie. It is likely that he effectively stole the election—rather that it was stolen for him—but enough Americans voted for him to make that theft possible, and they ultimately allowed him to assume power. Like Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk, Americans traded their reliable, albeit coarse, family cow for a handful of magic beans. Like Jack, Americans will be rewarded with a colossal vegetable: Joe Biden. If this seems purely allegorical, consider the following video narrated by our new Vice President:

Jack and the Rising Beansprouts

On January 6, 2021, Americans who still grasp our nation’s mission tried to show their disapproval. Their mostly peaceful protest was denigrated and their real message was ignored. That protest will be misrepresented as an insurrection in history books written by the hypocrites who control our academic institutions. Donald Trump will be misrepresented as instigating an insurrection. With the exception of the martyrdom of Ashli Babbitt and the puzzling death of one police officer, it was an unremarkable event. The protesters were unarmed and very little actual harm was done. They left peaceably when asked. There is a quote misattributed to Thomas Jefferson: “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Those protesters were merely reminding their government to be afraid…and God bless them for their trouble. Some politicians and pundits (even on Fox News) have compared this protest to the attacks on 9/11/2001. For me, the insufferable pretension of those politicians and pundits was the last straw.

The United States has become a nation composed primarily of fools. Whether they foolishly chose Joe Biden as their leader through incompetence, cowardice or actual intent is irrelevant. Collectively, they are fools. A nation can be only as great as its citizens. There can be no great nation composed primarily of fools, so there is no future for the United States. Moreover, I would prefer not to tarnish the memory of a once great republic by associating it with its present inhabitants. There is a popular meme that goes a long way in describing our present predicament:

Hard times create strong men.

Strong men create good times.

Good times create weak men.

Weak men create hard times.

The United States of America had a magnificent 244 year run, but now it is gone. It has been replaced by Unbelievably Stupid America…an example of idiocracy (still the USA, though). A process of decadence that was initiated 100 years ago by John Dewey has finally coalesced. It is no longer possible to be a citizen of the United States of America. Citizenship in the United States of America is no longer possible for the same reason that it is no longer possible to be a citizen of the ancient Roman Republic. Our own republic, the United States, might have lasted another four years if Republicans in office had grown a spine and protected the Constitution, but they chose, instead, to look out for their own welfare and save their own pitiful incumbencies. And so their incumbencies may be safe, for the time being, but they too are dated. I feel badly for military veterans and service men and women tonight. For nearly 250 years they have fought our nation’s battles, and we have come to this. They did their job and I recognize their excellence. Alas, I am only the messenger. What has transpired is bigger than all of us.

It is not practicable for Trump supporters to be citizens of this new nation. Unbelievably Stupid Americans have already deprived us of the right to speak, and they are beginning to deprive us of the right to vote. To effect the former, they have been complicit in selective censoring on campuses and social media. To effect the latter, they are making it easy for noncitizens to vote in elections. This means that they are cancelling the votes of actual citizens. By taking away our right to speak and vote, they are stripping us of our citizenship. Moreover, powerful inhabitants of the region that once constituted the United States do not want people like us to be citizens. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her comrades have made that abundantly clear. They have started forming enemy’s lists and are making plans to punish people whose political views differ from their own. Doxing and blackballing appear to be their first order of business. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her comrades do not necessarily represent all or even most Americans, but remember: Unbelievably Stupid Americans are responsible for these characters. They put them into power.

Some residents of the former United States see the aforementioned offenses as a second amendment issue. However, they are making an important mistake. The second amendment was intended to protect citizens from tyranny. No oppressive government is stripping us of our rights. No foreign government has invaded…not yet, at least. We are suffering from a moral and ethical meltdown. We are suffering from lazy, wishful thinking. Too many former Americans have forgotten our original mission and ceased to care about restoring it. They are more concerned with rationalizing personal pronouns than with keeping their homes and families safe. Like ancient Romans, they have busied themselves redefining ‘gravitas’ until it no longer resembles anything like a plausible virtue. We are not being oppressed or conquered. We are rotting from within. It would not be possible to shoot enough people to correct this problem. Some militia group might seize control and install what they consider a responsible government, but what then? If they established anything resembling a democracy our slothful inhabitants would just vote them out again. If they established any other form of government, they would be hastening the inevitable.

Some residents of the former United States believe that if Joe Biden does a poor job, Americans will elect a Republican in 2024. They even believe it is possible that Americans will reelect Donald Trump. This is extremely unlikely. Democrats have an airtight strategy to shift the demographics of the former United States irreversibly in their favor, and they fully intend to deploy it. They will simply declare 20 million undocumented immigrants to be citizens. Failing that, they will fall back on their tried and true machinery to steal the next election. This time, they will have legal cover from the top. However, if Americans do succeed in getting a Republican into office, it most likely will not reverse what they have done and it definitely will not reverse what they have become. If their answer to stupidity is to do the opposite when given another opportunity, they are no better than animals. Even a rat will go right if it got a shock the last time it went left. Besides, in 2024, if Unbelievably Stupid Americans get a Republican into office, it will likely be a Republican who makes empty promises, is unthreatening and who ultimately bows to the deep state, corporate powers and foreign influences. Americans have already proved they have lost their way. They may get lucky once more or they may not. Ultimately, they will throw craps. I cannot endure years of monitoring them as they replace their present addiction with a different one.

For these reasons, I have decided to remain within the borders of the former United States but begin self-identifying as an illegal alien. Bear in mind that I do not consider myself alien to the United States, but rather alien to the idiocracy that has replaced the United States.

Before I explain what a self-identifying illegal alien is, I will first clarify what it is not. The term “illegal” does not necessarily refer to citizenship but an attitude about national laws. One who disregards the spirit of such laws and follows them only to the extent that is necessary to avoid consequences is, in my opinion, effectively illegal. An “alien” is not necessarily a person from a foreign land. Alien refers to anyone or anything that differs in nature to the point of incompatibility. I feel that I am incompatible with the nation that has emerged in the wake of this election.

As I see it, these are the characteristics of a self-identifying illegal alien (SIIA, pronounced SEE-ya):

  1. Never donates to or supports any political organization or cause. There can be no party for self-identifying illegal aliens. No “tent” is that big.
  2. Votes in elections. Voting has been made easy and one may as well feel a sense of entitlement regardless of how insignificant one’s influence may be.
  3. Takes advantage of any and all government give-away programs wherever and whenever feasible.
  4. Covertly avoids civic duty such as serving in juries and participating in anti-racist struggle sessions. Illegal aliens are not citizens and should not delude themselves into believing that they are. They may serve in any capacity that they believe is necessary to protect their loved ones, their residency or their freedom.
  5. Privately brags about being a self-identifying illegal alien. Self-identifying illegal aliens are coolly smug. They also need to be aware of one another. They often display the Ascension of Biden symbol (explained below).
  6. Officially claims to be a solid citizen in good standing. Self-identifying illegal aliens do not unnecessarily risk official sanctions.
  7. If the going gets rough, abandons the country, or at least the Leftist regions of the country, and sheds all concern thereof. There can be no patriotic loyalty to a nation to which one neither belongs nor is wanted. This does not mean abandoning loved ones.

Henceforth, I shall self-identify as an illegal alien residing in a nation where I do not naturally belong and where, frankly, my citizenship is being revoked.

Although I have begun to self-identify as an illegal alien, I see no reason why I should give up any advantages connected to residing in Unbelievably Stupid America. It should be relatively safe to remain here, for a while at least, as long as one is covert. It is safe for undocumented immigrants, so it should be safe for self-identifying illegal aliens.  Moving would be a lot of work, for now at least, and the extant nation promises lots of giveaways under Joe Biden. I have paid for those giveaways with my hard earned tax dollars and I would like to benefit from them as long as possible.

This ring is the official symbol of the self-identifying illegal alien. It helps adherents to the movement identify one another. It is called Ascension of Biden:

The baldness represents the phoniness of “Plugs Biden”. The Vacant eyes represent the blindness of those who propped him up. The “HA HA HA” represents the world laughing at the United States in its demise. The clown face represents that Joe is a joke. The aura of death represents the darkness behind the joke: the death of the United States. Its manufacture in China represents the United States’ ruling class selling out. The overall sense of disrespect represents the self-identifying illegal alien movement.

These are actual pictures of the ring. It can be purchased from several sellers. I recommend buying precisely one from three different sellers, since shipment from China can be a bit sketchy…as is the Biden administration…and its connection to China. The hollowed out part behind the face results in a fitting problem that I have noted in rings. If you are normally fitted with a ring that is completely solid in a certain size, then you should get one size smaller in the Biden ring. Thus, if your usual ring size is 11 for a completely solid ring, you should get a size 10. If you do not know your ring size, you should first get one of these:

If the ring won’t work for you, have the image printed or embroidered on a shirt, hat, bag, watch face or other customizable product. Who knows, there may soon be a market for Ascension of Biden wear. I do not recommend having it tattooed on your arm.

Keep in mind: the future may be bright…just not for the United States of America.

We SIIAs can remain here for as long as necessary, but we really need our own country. It would probably be too messy to carve one from the contiguous USA, but perhaps we can form a brand new country off-world by capitalizing on the work of true men of vision like Elon Musk. Fortunately, he is moving to Texas where he can do us some good. Suit yourself, but I may be headed for the stars. I have discussed my ideas for inhabiting space, a future government and a universal culture in other essays:

Colonizing Space

The Synthetic Republic

Spike’s New Moral Society

This is going to happen sooner and faster than most people expect. Artificial intelligence and robotics will greatly accelerate the rate that humans inhabit space. We need to get out there and get to work before Unbelievably Stupid America regulates the solar system to death and before its hegemon, China, establishes a cosmic tyranny. We can tell everyone back home that we are starting a colony. Hey, it worked for the Pilgrims! We can learn from their mistakes.

See ya in Siialand!