25 Jan

A while back, I invented a new place. I call it Siialand (pronounced SEE-ya-land). Like many things that have names, the origin of its name tends to be forgotten as it takes on a life of its own. Siialand is a beautiful name that evolved from an ugly realization: the unfreedoming of America. Siialand does not yet exist in the physical sense. I suspect that it soon will.

In the not too distant future, there will be a place where noble, dignified men and women walk among Greco-Roman minimalism and elegance. They will be dressed in attire appropriate for citizens of such lofty purpose. I call this place Siialand. In Siialand, citizens will not have to work. All labor will be done by artificial intelligence and robotics. Citizens of this land will spend their days appreciating finery, creating art, studying science, and contemplating, discussing and pursuing man’s place and purpose in the universe. Citizens of Siialand will be free in a way that no men and women have ever been free before. They will be free of fear.

Siialand will be extraterrestrial. It will be in the Oort cloud or further out among the stars. Possibly, Siialand will be built in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, exploiting resources from large asteroids, and eventually moved out to the Kuiper belt, the Oort cloud and beyond. It will be immense, but it will also be mobile. Siialand will be in the form of a giant wheel station or possibly something more sophisticated. It will be a world, a nation and an ark.

By the year 2030, it will be possible to build a robotic system that is capable of mining asteroids and manufacturing the materials into more robotic systems. When this technology is available, these systems will be sent to the asteroid belt, possibly Ceres, and set to work. The first thing they will do is manufacture an army of robots. Since their increase will be exponential, they will quickly produce enough robots to begin work on a giant wheel station in earnest. With such a large work force, the task will be completed quickly. It can be shown that if these robotic systems self-replicated at a rate of once per month, within seven years the entire solar system, including the sun, would be robotic systems. Their actual task will be far more limited.

As work is completed on the station, the robotic systems will manufacture transports that will head for earth to pick up occupants for Siialand. These transports will be accompanied by rockets similar in many ways to the largest rockets being contemplated by Elon Musk and SpaceX. Possibly, these accompanying rockets will be direct descendents of the SpaceX rockets. However, unlike Elon’s rockets, they will be built in space from materials in space. They will pick up occupants at a rate of 1000 at a time and take them to space where they will transfer to the more comfortable transports and go on to Siialand.

A quick calculation shows that if these rockets landed and launched every hour from 200 airports around the world, they could evacuate the entire population of earth in 4 years. However, there will be no need to be in such a hurry because only a minority of people will be interested in leaving for space and those who are interested may not yet be ready to leave.

Prospective citizens of Siialand will be those who have been dispossessed by contemporary “wokeness” and critical race theory. They will be people who want to live normal, natural moral and ethical lives uninterrupted by the division and exploitation disguised as progressive political correctness that has overtaken the world. They will be interested in improving themselves and their lot rather than imposing heterodox norms on others.

When those who are recruited to live in Siialand arrive, they will find a vast natural landscape dotted with habitats, temples, arenas and other structures. Siialand will be beautiful and clean. It will inspire lofty thoughts. It will be impossible to enter Siialand without a sense of profound purpose. However, this will be only the superficial appearance of Siialand. It will also have a vast system of artificial intelligence that allows occupants to simulate and directly experience any reality they like. On the surface, Siialand will be kept elegant and austere because anyone who wants to experience something more intriguing or lascivious will be able to do so at any time in VR.

Siialand will be a republic. It will have a constitution and accompanying laws and regulations based on a perfected understanding of the laws and regulations of all the republics that have come before, including the United States. As the United States once was, Siialand will be a nation under God. However, it will not be a theology. Its citizens will be enlightened people who grasp that the universe is not the simple mechanistic structure that some thoughtless scientists and their sycophants have proclaimed it to be. The economics of Siialand will be capitalistic, but this system will never become oppressive or divisive because in Siialand there will never be any need or want. People will trade in luxuries and accessories. Every genuine need will easily be met. Siialanders will be generous and egalitarian to a fault, and this behavior will tend to overshadow their capitalistic economic base.

In Siialand, no one will grow old or die of senescence related illnesses. When Siialand is created, the technology will exist to replace any organ in the human body and ultimately replace an entire body. It will be possible to clean up and restore brains so that they are also like new. The brain is not the soul, but it appears to be the physical nexus of the soul, so restoring it, rather than replacing it, may be essential.

Citizens of Siialand will be called Siialanders.

Siialanders will retain their humanity. They will be surrounded by artificial intelligence that is able to do miraculous things, but they will never merge with artificial intelligence or artificially modify their own intelligence. They may effectively enhance their intelligence by syncing with synthetic intelligence in ways that do not significantly alter their psychological makeup. Significantly altering one’s psychological makeup with technology would be dangerous in the same way that using drugs is dangerous. When a person alters their psychological makeup, either through technological or chemical means, they risk altering the way they perceive reality and therefore they risk losing track of their original motivations. As a result, they may welcome other alterations that effectively erase their original motivations. In this way, they may drift from their human moorings until they become something that can only be regarded as a “monster”. Indeed, many drug addicts become monsters that are completely unrecognizable to their peers. I may discuss this topic in detail in other essays.

Siialanders will be male and female. This will come about through enlightenment rather than coercion. They will not want to subject their children to unnecessary strife, so they will monitor their morphology in utero to ensure that they are delivered as healthy, well defined males and females with associated erotic compasses. This is a complex topic that I may delve into in detail in another essay. For now, I will just point out a couple of things. It is probably rare for a black couple, a white couple, an Asian couple or a couple of any other genetic makeup designated as a race to want to have a baby that is not of their own race. (Mixed race couples have obviously dispensed with this concern.) Moreover, guarding against a particular race, especially when the couple is of that race, is tantamount to genocide. It is probably equally rare for a heterosexual couple of any race to hope for a homosexual child, and a homosexual child is typically not like either the mother or the father. As I explained, guarding gender orientation will come about through enlightenment rather than coercion. No couple will be kept from having a homosexual child. However, they will be aware that if they do so, they will be consciously creating a child that has little chance of finding a romantic partner and is destined to be miserable. Gender dysphoric children are amenable to the same analysis. Nevertheless, in Siialand any sexual urge will easily be accommodated through virtual means. Everything from macrophilia to necrophilia will be accommodated in virtual space. What people do in virtual environments will be regarded in the same vein as what they do in their dreams.

Siialanders will have beauty that emanates from perfect health. They will not “sculpt” their bodies because no one will be concerned with superficial appearance. They will consider it more important to be recognizable than to conform to any morphological ideal.

Eroticism will play a nominal role in the public life of Siialanders. They will satisfy all their lascivious urges in virtual environments so that they are easily able to keep associated behavior out of the public arena. To a Siialander, public displays of eroticism will not seem inappropriate but merely silly: “Why would one make something like that physical when it can be done infinitely better in VR?” Siialanders will keep their sex lives private.

For a Siialander, choosing a mate will be driven more by practicality than ardency. No human will have erotic characteristics that can match anything in VR, so there will be much less of an urge to have “sex” with another physical individual. Nevertheless, new citizens will be the product of the joining of a natural male sperm and a natural female egg. This may come about through artificial insemination and incubation, but not in any way that will distort a child’s natural morphology and development. Every effort will be made to ensure that children are normal in every respect, including that they have normal sexual urges. 

Siialanders will be curious. They will be explorers. They will investigate science, mathematics and philosophy with great interest. They will never be conquerors or exploiters. In all things, they will exercise restraint. They will live in harmony with nature.

Siialanders will give little thought to race. They will consider old concerns about the precise color of one’s skin or one’s precise ancestry interesting from a naturalistic standpoint, but not important socially or politically. Any person will be able to acquire any racial characteristics by technological means but altering one’s appearance in this way will be considered unhealthy.

Siialanders will prize their individuality, but they will not strive to be exceptional. Any urge to stand above others will be considered aberrant. This does not prohibit the possibility of being exceptional, but celebrity will be considered more of a responsibility than a blessing. Bear in mind that any person will be able to acquire fabulous intelligence, beauty, strength or courage through technological means but that doing so will be considered harmful to oneself and the community.

Siialanders will be educated in the civics of the community they inhabit from an early age so that they understand why things are done as they are done in Siialand.

Siialand will be beautiful. It will not be perfect because perfection is reserved for God.

See ya in Siialand!


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