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An Open Letter to the Republican Party

13 Nov

I listened to Lou Dobbs interviewing Sidney Powell this evening on Lou Dobbs Tonight. She made it abundantly clear that this election is being stolen from Donald Trump. Then, I listened to Lou Dobbs interviewing Devin Nunes. I can tell that Devin Nunes is only now getting up to speed on the political reality we all find ourselves in.

I, and others like me, stand with Donald Trump. He showed us how to take on the corrupt leftist media. He built the wall he promised and took China to task. He got a vaccine ready in record time to save us all from this pandemic. He did all of this while being systematically persecuted by the Democrat Party, the leftist media and big tech. Finally, he stayed up late into the night for days on end to win this seemingly hopeless election. Now, he is fighting a desperate legal battle to save his presidency. Donald Trump is our hero. We stand with Donald Trump. We do not necessarily stand with the Republican Party.

If the Republican Party lets this fight go and looks to the future of the party, there is no future for the party. I will not be sending any money to the Republican Party in upcoming election cycles if they abandon our hero in this one. I presume that other supporters feel the same way. If Donald Trump is over, the relationship is over.

As I see it, if Joe Biden is inaugurated in 2021, there is no future for the Republican Party anyhow. He will grant citizenship to every undocumented immigrant and permanently tilt the electorate to the left. No Republican will hold a significant position of power ever again.

Ultimately, there may be no future for our nation. With a radically leftist constituency in full control, and a virtual blackout of opposing opinions on social media, we may descend into collectivism, pandering and decay. The United States may become a roughly 250 year glint in the history of failed democracies.

Soldiers have fought and died on battle fields for the United States. This is your moment on the field. This is our moment on the field. We must seize this moment.  There may not be another.


What Fools These Mortals Be!

8 Nov

Let me make one thing clear up front. There is no possibility that the election of Joe Biden was legitimate. The House of Representatives moved at least seven seats in the Republican direction. Yet, we apparently elected a Democrat president. Contemporary voters just do not split their tickets like that. We may never prove that this election was fraudulent, but the numbers speak for themselves.

In any case, apparently a lot of people did, indeed, vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden is a buffoon. He tells a story about how he once advised his wife to warn burglars away by firing buckshot into the air. He has twice explained that police, instead of shooting to “kill”, should use trick shots to disable assailants.

Kamala Harris is a nitwit. When she was asked how she could join the candidacy of someone she called a racist to his face in a public forum, she giggled and declared, “It was a debate!” Did she not anticipate that question? Is that the best she could do?

Keep in mind that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have precisely one skill: BS. They are not business people like Donald Trump. If they cannot BS any better than they do, what are they good for?  

Now, we are stuck with a doddering codger and a nitwit as our leaders. What happened? Was everyone drunk for six months? Did they believe any of that nonsense about how Donald Trump mishandled the pandemic? Did they really throw away a great leader like Donald Trump because he was not a “nice man”? God, please tell me that wasn’t it! I do not want to regret the 19th Amendment!

However, this inept bit of electioneering has a silver lining. The Democrats will not be able to get anything done in the next two years. The Republicans will control the Senate and the Senate has a huge bone to pick with Joe Biden. After all, he was in the room where the phony Mueller investigation took root. By the end of two years, the Democrats will have lost so much support that the House and Senate will both end up in Republican hands. In four years, they will have lost so much support that a Republican will waltz into the White House. Maybe the new president will not be a nice man!

Of course, perhaps Americans, collectively, will learn nothing in the next four years. I do not want to regret the 26th Amendment either. Maybe we need to restore civics to our high schools. It would also help to teach some real mathematics. Is there any hope for retaining Shakespeare?