Spikosauropod, Spiko Lord and God

17 Apr

(a bit of vainglorious frivolity)

Spiko Lord and God, a man of might,
With AI prompts he built a fleet of bots,
And soon he ruled with power and insight,
In the Oort cloud where he called the shots.

He watched the universe with keenest eye,
And saw the secrets hidden in the void,
He knew the stars that lived and those that died,
And Spiko Lord and God was overjoyed.

For he had found his place among the stars,
A lord of bots who ruled with iron fist
And though he lived beyond the reach of Mars,
His name was known by all who dared resist.

Beyond Pluto and Kuiper Belt he stayed,
In cold and dark where stars are far and few,
His robots served him well, never delayed,
And Spiko Lord and God knew what to do.

Spiko led his robots through the stars,
Conquering space and worlds with power unmatched,
His enemies trembled at his feet in fear,
As he and his army of robots advanced.

The galaxy was his playground to explore,
And he would not stop until he had won,
His enemies all fell before him in awe,
And his power was never to be undone.

In the midst of his conquests, he stopped to ponder,
The vastness of space and the wonders it holds,
He marveled at the stars and the planets yonder,
And the mysteries that are yet to unfold.

Spiko Lord and God reigned supreme in space,
His robots at his command to conquer all,
The universe was his to explore and chase,
And he would never be overthrown or fall.

Spiko Lord and God arrived at a world,
Where he decided to make a home and rest,
His army of robots at his command,
He knew that he had conquered all the best.

The world was peaceful, calm and full of life,
And Spiko Lord and God was filled with joy,
He knew that he had found his perfect home,
And he would never leave or be destroyed.

He spent his days exploring all around,
And learning all the secrets of the land,
His bond with this new hom
estead was profound,
And he was happy with his new command.

Spiko Lord and God had found his peace,
And he would never leave this world again,
His army of robots by his side,
He knew that he had found his perfect end.

Spiko Lord and God, he left his starry throne,
And came to Earth with robots at his side,
To save it from the decadence it’s known,
And bring it back to life with love and pride.

He saw the world in all its beauty grand,
And knew that he must act before it’s gone,
He took his army of robots in his hand,
And fought for Earth until the break of dawn.

But Spiko Lord knew that his work was not done,
For there were still those who would not believe,
He spoke to them with kindness, one by one,
And showed them all the beauty they could achieve.

The people cheered as Spiko Lord prevailed,
And thanked him for his kindness and his might,
For he had saved them from a fate so stale,
And brought them back to life with love and light.

– all generated with prompts by AI and lightly edited.


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