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WWIII – The Second Volley

16 Jun

I have been wondering what form the second volley of this world war would take. The first one, of course, was the deliberate release of the Covid-19 virus from the Wuhan lab in China. It appears that the second volley is about to be launched.

Lori Lightfoot, the unhinged Mayor of Chicago, gave it away in a recent interview. As she observes, cities cannot handle the rising crime problem on their own. They need federal help. Of course, not defunding and undermining local police forces might have helped.  

Recall that when Donald Trump was president, the federal government stepping in to help troubled cities was out of the question. Apparently, the Communists needed the right man in position before they called for this.

Wasn’t communism supposed to be dead at the end of the Cold War? What is up with these people? What is the obsession with this bizarre philosophy?

If the federal government under the Biden Administration steps in to solve America’s inevitably growing crime problem, there will soon be jackbooted thugs on the corner of every street. This will include neighborhoods that have no existing crime problem. These thugs will be handpicked by our new military leaders that are busy carefully screening our military to get rid of any patriotic “subversives”. Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense since January 22 this year, will make sure the jackbooted thug on your corner is thoroughly loyal to the cause.

Before long, there will be dawn raids on your next door neighbor. If you live in my neighborhood, I will probably be that neighbor. I just write a blog, but that could lead to subversive activity, so I will need to be prevented from this dangerous practice.

WWIII is upon us. We are into the thick of it. God help us all.

Good night, and good luck.


World War Three Was a Masterpiece of Engineering

15 Jun

My last entry was called “World War Three Is Well Underway”. Since I wrote that, I have had an epiphany.

Recently, a robber in San Francisco was filmed brazenly loading up a bag with goods at a Walgreens while he was being filmed by two people, including a security guard. The thing to note about this robber is that he was wearing a bandanna-like mask.

Where have we seen this before?

Of course, it is how robbers are typically depicted in images of the American West.

If it was your mission to bring about the destruction of Western Civilization and replace it with communism, you would, of course, want to increase crime as much as possible. What better way to do it than to make it “normal” to wear a mask everywhere. The robber videoed above was able to walk into a Walgreens with a robber’s bandanna on without raising an eyebrow. Now, he will be difficult to identify. I am, of course, not the first person to make this connection, but it struck me so clearly while viewing the video of the Walgreens robbery.

Note that we are now learning that the mask mandate did not prevent the spread of Covid-19 and probably exacerbated it. Dr. Fauci and his coconspirators were aware of this.

World War Three was not haphazardly planned or executed. It was a masterpiece of engineering. The CCP, the Democrats and every Leftist behind this putsch were and are masters of strategy.

World War Three Is Well Underway

11 Jun

Recently, when Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked if he thought the Covid-19 virus could have originated in the lab at Wuhan, he responded that it is unreasonable to think that the Chinese would deliberately release a virus that would kill their own people.

When I heard this, I assumed he was creating a red herring by deliberately answering the wrong question. However, a colleague pointed out something that eluded me. As she observed, he probably knew in the back of his mind that China had, in fact, released the virus on purpose and he was unconsciously anticipating the wrong question. Why would he know that?

We all know that Chris Wallace of Fox News helped Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential debate. Recently, when someone brought up the issue of getting to the bottom of the origin of the virus, he frantically insisted that we should be concentrating instead on curing the virus. This was after three vaccinations were well on their way to ending the pandemic. Is Chris Wallace not a “hard” news man? Cannot the media walk and chew gum?

There is a pattern to all of this. Every prominent Leftist is behaving like they are deathly afraid of the truth coming out. Are they that worried about people learning that Covid-19 was accidentally released from a lab in a backward foreign country…or do they have a deeper concern?  

We all saw the desperate way the Democrats employed genuinely unscrupulous and illegal means to drive Donald Trump from office. We all saw how the election was stolen. And it was definitely stolen. Just as it is becoming clear that the virus came from the Wuhan lab, it will ultimately become clear that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. There is something these people are deathly afraid of. They are so afraid of it that they are willing to forge documents and rig elections. Whatever they are afraid of, they apparently believed it would come out if Donald Trump remained in power.

If you believed your “side” was in a desperate, even life-or-death, situation, you might declare war. You would know that people, many millions of people, would die…but people die in wars. You would expect there to be causalities in this latest war.

Wars are fought with all sorts of weapons. They are fought with guns, gas, computers, biological agents and lately with cyber attacks. A war could be fought, at least in part, with a deadly virus. If you decided to wage a war by releasing a deadly virus, how would you go about it? You would, of course, have to create a virus that will do more or less what you want it to. This would require that you engineer it in a lab. Once you created your virus, you would be faced with a bigger problem. How do you deploy it? Would you take it to a busy location and open the vial of virus in the manner of Dr. Peters in 12 Monkeys?

If you knew the virus was engineered, you would also know that its genetic makeup would contain telltale signs of engineering. If you took the virus to a high population area and released it, the world would discover that it is a manufactured virus and it would be obvious what you had done.

You would want plausible deniability. Knowing that the world will eventually discover that the virus was manufactured, you would seek some reasonable explanation for how an engineered virus got into the environment. Instead of releasing it at a high population area, you would release it directly from the lab where it was made and behave as if it was an accident. After all, accidentally releasing a virus from a lab is essentially manslaughter, but that is a better charge to endure than the deliberate murder of millions of people. However, you may as well add the extra layer that you believe the virus came from nature.

The CCP and everyone that is involved are probably surprised at how easily they got away with this. They did not expect the West to buy into the lie that an obviously tailor-made virus that started at the exact location of a gain-of-function virology lab had a natural origin. They are probably dumbfounded by the world’s gullibility. That gullibility has bought them time to clean up evidence and reinforce the lie.

You know a tree by the fruit it bears. What did the Covid-19 virus do? It killed mostly old people, it crippled market based economies, and it drove Donald Trump out of office. But that is exactly the outcome China would seek. They have too many old people and they were in economic danger from Donald Trump and his market based economics. They also needed an excuse to crush Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist party does not care one whit about the lives of its own citizens. Just ask the Uyghurs!

The Covid-19 virus also got the marionette Joe Biden into office and created cover for endless mayhem in the streets that has led to, of all things, defunding of United States police forces. I wrote an essay a while back that considered the possibility that Barack Obama is essentially a communist sleeper agent. Is Barack Obama the one pulling Joe Biden’s strings? Are the same people who pulled Barack Obama’s strings pulling both of their strings?

The facts that are emerging and will continue to emerge are dark beyond grasp. China deliberately generated a tailor-made virus and deliberately released it on the world. However, the Democrats and the deep state in the United States were apparently in on it as well. All of them, along with the CCP, just declared war on the Western world…and your life is not worth grass to them. Do you doubt this? Consider that they squelched the use of effective medications like hydroxychloroquine for purely political reasons. They consciously allowed people to die because they thought it would help them win an election.

Most likely, the big tech companies were in on it too. It is difficult to imagine civilized westerners doing something like that, but keep in mind how those people must see the world. To someone “way up there” people “way down here” are ants. Since they are materialists, little people’s lives are worth no more to them than ants. Note that materialists typically support abortion on demand up to the day of birth. And remember: people die in wars.

Why have these people declared war on the West? What is their objective?

It is the same objective that it has been for over 100 years. Critical Race Theory is just Critical Theory with the word race inserted. But even the left-leaning Wikipedia makes it clear what Critical Theory actually is. It is just the same old communism that some enigmatic cabal has been pushing since the beginning of the 20th Century:

In sociology and political philosophy, “Critical Theory” means the Western-Marxist philosophy of the Frankfurt School, developed in Germany in the 1930s and drawing on the ideas of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.

Don’t be fooled by subtle distinctions. Its proponents are not fooled. They regularly describe themselves with phrases like “trained Marxists”.

Ask yourself a simple question. How many of the aforementioned culprits have denounced this insidious movement? How many of them have denounced the genuine violence and destruction it has wrought? How safe do you feel right now? How secure in my person do you believe I feel while writing this?

Not all wars are fought between nations and over property. Wars have been fought between peoples of the same nation. Wars have been fought over religion. Wars have been fought over political ideology. This latest war is akin to an international war of political ideology.

World War Three is well underway, and the first volley was launched from a lab in Wuhan China. The next volley may be on its way, and there is no guessing what form it may take.

God help us all. Good night, and good luck.