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Gillitron the Idiot and the Three Gamesters of Triskelion

25 Jul

Long before anything came to be, the three Gamesters of Triskelion and their idiot brother Gillitron were sitting outside of existence. They were passing what passed for time in nonexistence by betting on what might happen next.

Gamester 1 said, “I wager that nothing will ever happen. Nothing will ever come into existence.”

Gamster 2 and 3 gave him 1 to 10^1,000,000,000,000 odds, since his prediction would almost certainly come true.

Gamester 2 said, “I wager that nothing will happen for a very long time, but after a period of time, less than infinity, a dimensionless point will come into existence.”

Gamester 1 and 3 gave him 10^1,000,000,000,000 to 1 odds, since it was so improbable.

Gamester 3 said, “I wager that, after an indefinite period of time, less than infinity, an empty space with N dimensions (greater than 0) will come into existence. It will have no properties and contain nothing.”

Gamester 1 and 2 gave him 10^(10^(10^(10^(10^(10^(10^10)))))) to 1 odds since it was extremely improbable.

Then, their idiot brother Gillitron spoke up. Gillitron was never part of the usual betting process because he did not understand mathematics and always said things that were inconceivably stupid. Gillitron said, “Eventually, there will be a universe with N dimensions (greater than zero) that collapse and form properties that emulate a whole taxonomy of particles that will move and form together and eventually result in the appearance of solid planets supporting complex forms, of which some will have conscious experiences such as emotions, color, taste, etc.”

Gamester 1, 2 and 3 then contemplated all the myriad degenerate structures that could exist, such as particles that simply bounce off of each other and never take any form. Rather than giving odds, they merely laughed at their idiot brother Gillitron…as they had laughed at him an infinite number of times before.

After an indefinite period of time, Gillitron’s prediction came true.

Gamester 1, 2, and 3 concluded that the game was rigged and that there was some uber-gamester they were not aware of that stacked the deck.


Escape from Ferguson

10 Jul

It is becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump has no possibility of winning the presidency in November 2016, and it is equally clear that our next president will be Hillary Clinton. When Hillary is first inaugurated, this will give a temporary boost to women’s egos. However, it is clear that she intends to continue the “divide and conquer” approach to minorities that has won Democrats their votes at the expense of minority cultures. She intends to continue the policies that Jason Riley has so dramatically illuminated in his book Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed.

Hillary will probably be president for eight years and we will probably never have another Republican president. The reasons are three-fold. First of all, the Obama Administration has deeply corrupted the IRS and other government institutions. A Republican, in order to win office, must not merely overcome media bias, but must overcome an increasingly chilling legal reality. Second, Democrats are doing everything in their power to import and empower people, such as illegal immigrants and felons, who should not be allowed to vote. Third, Democrats have convinced minorities that they are beholden to them for their government benefits. These minorities will never be persuaded that Democrat policies are actually harmful to their communities.

This post is not directed toward those who have and maintain the view that Democrat policies are beneficial to minorities and society. I consider those people to be a lost cause. They refuse to understand, and they are continually shoring up the lies that have gotten us to this place in history. This post is directed to those who realize what has transpired and are wondering how to survive the era of Democrat supremacy.

The reality at hand is that we are in the process of creating an extremely dangerous permanent underclass. These will be people whose neighborhoods, like the island of Manhattan in the film Escape from New York, can only be isolated and avoided and can never be brought into the mainstream of society.

Manhattan Wall

The emergence of this underclass is evident from the riots in Ferguson and other cities, culminating in the killing of five police officers in Dallas, followed by a complete lack of remorse by those responsible. A recurring Democrat complaint is that we have too many black men in prisons. Soon, Democrats will release these and other dangerous criminals into the wild purely for political reasons. We will have neighborhoods that, for all intents and purposes, are prisons. Since there will never be walls around these dangerous resulting ghettos, escaping their influence will be increasingly tricky. What follows is a plan for dealing with this reality.

Building walls around these ghettos like in the movie Escape from New York will not be a possibility. When gated neighborhoods become commonplace, these ghettos will often appear as if they are walled in, but Democrats will ensure that the inhabitants are always free to roam about. Distance will be the only real defense.

There are two ways that this distance can be achieved. The first will be actual physical distance. Criminals are disinclined to travel far from their homes. If you live at least ten miles from a dangerous ghetto, you are unlikely to be a direct victim. However, distance will be difficult to maintain, since these ghettos will tend to spread into the surrounding territory. It is well established that the poor criminal element of society, bolstered by Democrat social policies, tends to reproduce rapidly. If you chose physical distance as your remedy, you will have to constantly move further and further away.

I live on an island. That is probably the simplest remedy. However, it is questionable if my island refuge will continue to be viable. Liberals on our island with do-gooder tendencies are encouraging disreputable people to move here. Eventually, we will have our own little imported ghetto and we will be just like everywhere else. In any case, islands are small and rare.

Soon, it will be possible to build communities in the ocean that are essentially giant floating islands. These will have the advantage of being immune to local anti-discrimination policies. People on these islands will be able to pick and chose who is allowed to move there. Their requirements will have nothing to do with race, but will be drawn entirely from psychological characteristics: content of character rather than color of skin. Black people who qualify to move to these communities will relish the opportunity. With new technologies, it may be possible to build giant floating communities…essentially islands in the sky. With new construction materials, especially graphene, it may be possible to build giant dirigibles suspended by hydrogen or helium that float above the earth and look exactly like clouds. If more esoteric technologies such as the EM-drive pan out, it may be possible to suspend extremely large communities in the air. However, these communities will be expensive to live in.


In the past, I have outlined how people will ultimately colonize space. This would be the ideal way to escape the dangerous Democrat ghettos. However, there is a real possibility that we will never get into space. Even if someone finds a way to create the self-replicating robotic systems I describe in another blog entry, Democrats may pass regulations that make it nearly impossible for anyone to move there. They may pass nearly prohibitive regulations on the requirements of stations in order for them to be inhabited. They may institute a system of inspections that make space stations nearly impossible to complete. It is said that when a ship is built, the paperwork weighs more than the ship. Imagine what similar policies will do to the colonization of space! Keep in mind that Democrats will have all the political power and they will never allow anything that threatens to undermine that power.

What is my plan? The real key to avoiding the Democrat ghettos of the future is to save your money. This is the second way of creating distance. No matter what happens, you must put away 10% of your income. In this way, you will be able to afford to continually move away from ghettos and, if necessary, move to floating or flying islands. There is accumulating evidence that your money will be worth much more in the future than it is now. The secure people of the future will be the ones who put away 10% of their income today. This used to be the habit of people in times when we did not have unemployment insurance and other social safety nets. However, those social safety nets do not take into account that, while you may be rescued by the safety net, you will not be rescued from the other people in the net. This is a new age that requires new measures.

The best way to save money is to have it put automatically into an IRA. It is too easy to tap into an ordinary savings account when you desperately want a new car or you see a dress in a store window you cannot live without. However, the “set it up and forget it” nature of IRA’s and similar programs protect you from these immediate temptations.

If you do not save 10% of your income in this way (or whatever way works) people of the future may have sympathy for your plight. However, they will not be able to do anything for you. There is much talk these days of creating a guaranteed basic income. However, no guaranteed income will rescue you from the dangerous ghettos. It will only ensure that you are able to keep your head above water while you are deeply immersed in these ghettos. Some day, when being poor is more of a state of mind than a financial reality, having a guaranteed income and living in these ghettos will be little more than prison sentences: plenty to eat and clothes to wear, but nothing to live for.

Also, you have to consider the possibility that if you live in one of these ghettos you may not be able to hold on to the money you receive from the state. With absolute lawlessness, there may soon be various forms of extortion. You may receive a check from the state every month, but 90% of it will go to some local protection racket.

Yes, the key to surviving the future Democrats are creating is to start saving 10% of your income now. It is that simple. Just do it. Get a system set up that works and make it happen. You may have thought I was going to propose some esoteric solution that no one has thought of before. In a way, the solution I am proposing is new because it is so old. Everything old is new again and the problem of the past—protecting yourself from the basic elements—is back with us. However, in the world we are creating, the basic elements will take the form of vicious anti-social entitled people who will rob you blind and never leave you in peace.