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Dark Matter May Be Spirit Stuff

20 Feb

My theory that gravity works by fudging quantum probabilities was inspired by my theory that consciousness, the apparent aspect of the soul, influences our brains in a similar manner. However, when thinking about dark matter, I realized this leads to a brand new way to interpret it.

If gravity and consciousness both influence matter by fudging quantum probabilities, then they can be said to have a property in common. What we know about dark matter is that it is only detectable because it has a gravitational influence. This causes us to assume that dark matter has mass. However, we do not actually know this. All we know about dark matter is that it exerts a gravitational influence and it is affected by gravitational influences. It may not have any mass at all but merely possess the properties of gravity, which is to influence the motion of objects by fudging quantum probabilities.

So, it is reasonable to imagine that dark matter may actually be spirit stuff that interacts with matter through the same mechanism as the human spirit, which manifests as consciousness and is the soul.

This actually makes a lot of sense. When God created the universe, he probably included some mechanism that would allow him to tweak it into his desired form. That mechanism is a giant sprit conglomerate, dark matter. The observation that dark matter does not behave exactly as astrophysicists expect, supports the position that it is being manipulated.

It is conceivable that this dark matter had its most elaborate effect on the detectable universe at the very beginning when its influence may have been concentrated at one point in the quantum foam and teased matter into producing the outburst that we now know of as the Big Bang. From that point on, this giant spirit conglomerate may have been pushing matter around and tweaking outcomes just enough to flatten galaxies and cause the improbable formation of our own earth-moon system and the formation of the original nucleotides that make life possible.

This spirit conglomerate may serve as a kind of supporting structure for smaller spirits like our own. Indeed, it may all be tethered together into a giant structure that’s true complexity and mission may be quite profound. Note that I am not suggesting that dark matter is God. It is more likely only a tool utilized by God. If my other theories are correct, God would be infinitely vaster than detectable dark matter.



10 Feb