WWIII – The Second Volley

16 Jun

I have been wondering what form the second volley of this world war would take. The first one, of course, was the deliberate release of the Covid-19 virus from the Wuhan lab in China. It appears that the second volley is about to be launched.

Lori Lightfoot, the unhinged Mayor of Chicago, gave it away in a recent interview. As she observes, cities cannot handle the rising crime problem on their own. They need federal help. Of course, not defunding and undermining local police forces might have helped.  

Recall that when Donald Trump was president, the federal government stepping in to help troubled cities was out of the question. Apparently, the Communists needed the right man in position before they called for this.

Wasn’t communism supposed to be dead at the end of the Cold War? What is up with these people? What is the obsession with this bizarre philosophy?

If the federal government under the Biden Administration steps in to solve America’s inevitably growing crime problem, there will soon be jackbooted thugs on the corner of every street. This will include neighborhoods that have no existing crime problem. These thugs will be handpicked by our new military leaders that are busy carefully screening our military to get rid of any patriotic “subversives”. Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense since January 22 this year, will make sure the jackbooted thug on your corner is thoroughly loyal to the cause.

Before long, there will be dawn raids on your next door neighbor. If you live in my neighborhood, I will probably be that neighbor. I just write a blog, but that could lead to subversive activity, so I will need to be prevented from this dangerous practice.

WWIII is upon us. We are into the thick of it. God help us all.

Good night, and good luck.


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