The Dead Universe

31 Mar

This theory is an extrapolation of a theory I had quite some time back that I discussed in an essay called A Plausible Biblical Young Earth Creation Theory. While thinking along those lines, I had an epiphany. What if the thing that causes quantum field collapse is not observation or measurement, but sin? Bear with me for a moment.

When we observe something or measure it, we interact with it in some sense of the word. However, if sin exists and is a kind of nebulous fluid that can move from place to place as Christians suppose, whenever we observe or measure something we also touch it with sin. If this is the case, in a universe where there was no sin, there would be no quantum field collapse. In such a universe, anything would be possible.

Suppose the Garden of Eden had been a place where there was no sin. The only things that would have been “real” would have been things that some outside force, perhaps God, decided were real. Adam and Eve would have lived in a world where literally anything is possible. Predators could have survived without killing and snakes could have talked.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they became a source of a special kind of observation that caused quantum collapse in anything they came into contact with. In a sense, anything they touched, they killed. Suddenly, a universe where anything was possible became a dead universe where only dead mechanical things were possible. Their sin killed the universe in such a way that its living creation by God was replaced by a dead creation that resulted from billions of years of natural history. Even their own bodies became dead mechanical things with only the slightest bit of light, their souls, keeping them from becoming nothing but robots.

Adam and Eve had not been “naked” before because nakedness had not existed before. Nakedness was a mechanical psychological characteristic of a dead mechanical universe with a natural development going back billions of years and not a property of the beautiful garden that God had prepared.

Adam and Even were not exactly driven from the Garden. They could no longer see it. In some sense, the garden is still here today and no one can see it. It is always behind us or on the other side of a wall, but whenever we look, quantum field collapse causes it to disappear. In this same sense, the living universe is also always still around us. It is only dead when and where we observe it.

In this scenario, science and mechanical invention are the processes by which we kill the universe in stages. Whenever we build a bigger telescope or a more powerful microscope, we kill the universe a little further out or a little deeper in. Whenever we build a better engine or computer we make the universe more like a mechanical object. What we consider genius, is actually ingeniously perverse.

In this scenario, to people who read the Bible without faith, it too is dead. People with faith do not see the dead naturalistic reality of the Bible because, for them, that reality is not there. The Bible is God’s truth that has somehow survived quantum field collapse just sufficiently intact so that believers are able to follow the truth it tells, but as a result of quantum field collapse, it is simultaneously a dead piece of literature that seems, to the faithless, to have been composed by charlatans and con men.

Maybe the men in the past who were able to heal by faith were somehow able to draw sin out of people in such a way that quantum field collapse was no longer prevalent, making it possible for their subjects to miraculously heal.

Maybe, when people give themselves to Jesus, the universe killing force that courses through them begins to dissipate through him so that they no longer read a dead Bible nor see a dead world and so that, when their already dead bodies no longer entrap them, they are able to see all the beauty of the garden that is constantly around them.

An idea I have pondered for quite some time is that Adam and Eve might not have been the first physical humans, but merely the first humans that had souls and were conscious. Maybe consciousness spread across the world after they left the garden. With that in mind, the story of the flood, the rainbow, and the tower of Babel could have been phenomena that resulted from the gradual “killing” of reality as sin spread from the original sinners to the rest of the world. If I decide this theory is a good idea, which I presently have decided against, I may expand on those aspects.

Well, it is just a thought. I had to write it down.


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