Why Did God Send Us Donald Trump

20 Jan

Anyone with common sense realizes that Donald Trump was one of the greatest presidents in US history. Admittedly, he behaved terribly at times, but that was just his modus operandi. Those close to him knew that he was a warm and genuine person. He was obviously a terrific father, as witnessed by the character of his children. Donald Trump’s accomplishements are detailed here:

Promises Made, Promises Kept

When Donald Trump was a candidate, I thought he was fooling us. His behavior was so erratic and inexplicable at times that I was sure he was actually working to get Hillary Clinton elected. It seemed like every time he got ahead in the polls, he would say or do something that would set him behind again. By some miracle, he was elected president.

Right away Donald Trump set to work. The things he did defied expectations and, in some cases, defied belief. It seemed like everything he touched turned to gold. And that gold was our gold. Donald Trump touched things, they turned to gold, and all Americans benefitted from their splendor.

Donald Trump seemed destined to be reelected, and if not for the Covid-19 pandemic, he would have been reelected in a clear landslide. It appears that he actually was reelected, but that is a topic for another time and another discussion.

When the pandemic came along, the people controlling Joe Biden played it for everything it was worth, and they played it from the bottom of the deck. Through Joe Biden, they claimed that Donald Trump “mismanaged” the pandemic and that his mismanagement somehow resulted in the thousands of deaths that occurred. This was, of course, a ridiculous argument, and actually harmed our recovery efforts, but for some reason many Americans believed it.

Somehow Joe Biden obtained the presidency. He entered the White House, and Donald Trump went out with a bang. As a parting gift, Donald Trump left us with a vaccination for Covid-19 that was ready years before experts thought possible.

All of that is history now. The real mystery to me is this. We had a magnificent leader that raised the United States up and, with the exception of a virus that no one in the United States could have predicted or controlled, left it in a much better place. Yet, we so quickly parted with him.  While Donald Trump was president, those of us who were not blinded by irrational hatred for his methodology, saw him as a gift from God. As I observed, everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. Yet, somehow, Americans foolishly disposed of him and shoehorned in the comic book car salesman and corporate pawn Joe Biden. Why did that happen? Is God punishing us or is there some larger plan?

If you ask any genuine Christian why God gave us the Law of Moses, they will explain it essentially like this. He gave it to us so that we would realize that man is incapable of following the law. The purpose of the law was that we be prepared, upon the arrival of Jesus, to grasp that our only hope for salvation is to somehow escape the law. Of course, the means of escape offered by Jesus was salvation through his sacrifice. I have issues with this interpretation, but as an analogue for our contemporary situation, it will suffice. God did not send us Donald Trump to improve our lot. In that sense, Donald Trump was like the Law of Moses. God sent Donald Trump to show that, in our current political and economic environment, real improvement is impossible. He sent him, in essence, to show us that the only way forward is out. God did not send Donald Trump to fix our nation’s engine. He sent Donald Trump to show us that it is time to sell the car. Americans are not in a position to benefit from a genuine tough leader who can lead us out of the quagmire of crony capitalism, internal corruption and moral decay that has beset our nation. However, we had to witness Donald Trump’s struggle against that morass before we could see the truth.

Moses Receives the Law

Donald Trump was also a temporary shield blocking the dark cloud descending on civilization. As long as he was in office that cloud remained at sea. With him gone, it is moving ashore as assuredly as the Wuhan flu. Probably, all of us have anecdotes of the destructive force known as “wokeness”. For me that force descended this week in a new imperative from the school I work for. They are compelling me to “disaggregate” students by race, ethnicity and gender. In other words, they want me to start segregating students and treating them differently according to their superficial appearance. “Disaggregate” is a synonym for “separate”, and a near synonym for “discriminate” but the people compelling me to do this did not have the courage of their convictions to use the more common and clearly understood term. Imagine someone in the eighties telling us to “discriminate” between students based on their race, ethnicity and gender. If Martin Luther King Jr. had still been alive, he would have been appalled. I have been wondering when this social disease would land on my doorstep. That day has arrived. For others, that force may have arrived as an imperative that they stop recognizing natural gender or stop honoring hard work. Perhaps it has arrived as an imperative to suppress “incorrect” ideas. This dark cloud manifests in innumerable ways. All of us with natural ethics and values can perceive it; but that also is a discussion for another day.

With Donald Trump out of office, people with sensible political, economic and social views are in danger. The impeachment we saw on January 13 was not an impeachment of Donald Trump. He was just the effigy. It was an impeachment of the American majority who supported him and voted for him. It was a signal from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk that they are coming for us and we had better swear allegiance to the Devil if we want a place at the new table they are setting. These Leftists are speaking in earnest of deprogramming measures and reeducation camps. We will be safe for a while if we pretend to go along, but we cannot stay here indefinitely. If our days are not numbered, the days of our beliefs and values definitely are.

We are the latest instance of the Pilgrims that set out from Plymouth Devon for what would eventually be called Plymouth Massachusetts. Like the Pilgrims and other immigrants who left Europe for the Americas, we must become visionaries. We must leave for new worlds. You will soon grasp that I mean this quite literally.

If you are like me, you grew up celebrating the Fourth of July and hearing songs about our marines fighting our nation’s battles in air, on land and at sea. You probably feel pangs of guilt at the mere thought of leaving old Uncle Sam behind. However, if you are like me, you are probably awakening to a sad reality. Uncle Sam had a long illustrious life. We honored him, we respected him, and we cared for him in his old age. But Uncle Sam has passed away. He is not with us any more. The best thing we can do for him now is respect his memory, move on and carry the lessons we learned from him forward. I explained my position on this in detail in my last essay:

I Have Begun to Self-Identify as an Illegal Alien

It is time for modern visionaries to head to space. The technology to colonize space does not appear to be ready, but there are strong indications that it will be ready sooner than most people expect. I honestly believe that the technology to start setting up substantial independent colonies in space will be available by 2030. I have explained that technology and how it will be exploited in previous essays:

Colonizing Space

In a discussion with a friend and colleague, she pointed out a hard reality of the Pilgrims who came to America. The nation they helped to create was a tremendous experiment, but after 244 years that experiment has failed. However, that is only part of the picture. Most of us have heard of “the shot heard round the world”. That was the first shot of the American Revolutionary War, and it is was probably a large component of other revolutions that followed in France and other nations, leading to the modern democratic state. The Pilgrims and other immigrants came to America and they created a new kind of nation, the word got back to Europe, and soon the whole world was a much better place to live in. The modern world may not be perfect, but it is far better than medieval Europe. We stumble, but we keep moving forward.

We will build colonies in space, and we will build them upon the morality we cherish and the economic lessons we have learned. Those colonies will lead to new nations, and those nations will be beacons of change for the earth and the whole solar system.

Of course, no one can overlook the reality that the American Civil War was a bloody affair and it would be unfortunate to go through that kind of experience to make a better life. However, it need not necessarily be the case that the kind of separation I envision will come about only through violence. First of all, international law already makes it difficult for any nation to stake claims in space. If a group of people mined an asteroid and built a giant wheel station and they did not wish to live under the dominion of any particular nation, it would be difficult for any nation to lay claim. Also, the capital for these colonies will probably come from private investors, which will naturally limit the legal claims that any terrestrial nation can make. Finally, it appears that modern civilization is sufficiently reticent about making such claims, especially in light of its own history, to allow a colony that wishes to operate independently to do so. I strongly suspect that a colony in space will be regarded somewhat like a colony built at sea. Governments will inevitably influence them, but they are unlikely to directly interfere.

The colony I envision will have a constitution like extant republics, however it will start from scratch and learn from the lessons taken from those republics. It will realize that political offices must have limited terms and political donations must be limited. The constitution of the United States was written by a collection of geniuses, but they did not have a working model to draw from. We have seen a republic in action for nearly 250 years and we have learned what works and what does not. We have 250 years of data regarding what can happen with a republic, and we should be able to construct a relatively simple document that takes all that knowledge into account. This time, there will not be so many surprises.

Of course, there will still be some surprises, but that is how the story continues. Fortunately, in space, there is infinite room for expansion. Since we are unlikely to encounter intelligent life, or really any life at all, we will not have to worry about displacing native populations. Also, it appears that there are natural boundaries of time and space that will keep extraterrestrial civilizations from interfering with each other in the foreseeable future. If a space colony managed to make its way to the nearest star, the transport time between it and old earth is likely to be decades, if not centuries.

It is time for those of us who realize there is no place for integrity in the aging Americas to set sail for the stars. Our progress may seem slow at first, but it will pick up at a surprising rate. Probably, this was the plan all along. God knew that men must colonize space and he knew that he would have to light a fire under our butts to get us out there. For that reason, he mired us in decadence and corruption. For that reason he sent us Donald Trump and worked through him to show us that we have to leave. Our mandate from heaven is clear. It is time to prepare our minds for loftier goals.


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