WWIII – Delta Force

6 Aug

The most cynical pundits once predicted that as we moved into 2022 and were getting close to midterm elections, the Democrat-Communist Party (DCP) would find a way to restore lockdowns. Well, here we go!

Now we have a new variant of the Covid-19 virus coming that is forcing new lockdowns. It is called the Delta variant. It appears to me that the Delta variant is the most recent wave of the DCP war on western civilization.

The historical study of viruses has produced the result that viruses tend to get weaker as they drift genetically. This process is called the Law of Declining Virulence and was first proposed by Theobald Smith, America’s first significant epidemiologist. It is not an absolute, but it is the prevailing observation. Yet, we are being told that the Delta variant both spreads more easily and is very likely a more deadly virus. How did this happen?

It could be that the virus is not actually more virulent and that the DCP is making this up to scare people into more lockdowns. However, it is entirely possible that it is a lab upgrade of the very successful original strain of the Covid-19 virus.

It is important to note that the Delta variant started in India. India borders on China. It is fairly clear now that the Covid -19 virus originated in a lab in Wuhan China. Virologist and medical doctor Li-Meng Yan, who first pressed the theory that the virus came out of the Wuhan lab (and has subsequently been vindicated), also argued that the virus was released on purpose. Our growing knowledge of the DCPs participation in this release shows that it was done to take power from Donald Trump in 2020 and shoehorn in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) puppet Joe Biden.

However, the DCP needs an excuse to reinstitute the bizarre voting rules of 2020 so that they are guaranteed a victory in 2022. They have their new demographic in place—they have been importing undocumented immigrants at a record pace and distributing them around the country—but they need a way to get them to the polls. Delta variant lockdowns will provide the mechanism.

We already know that the DCP is willing to kill to gain and retain power. They demonstrated this fully when they discredited the very effective use of hydroxychloroquine. However, they have continued to demonstrate their utter ruthlessness by inviting Covid-19 infected undocumented immigrants from all over the world and distributing them across the United States. The rise of the Delta variant would have been a good excuse for the DCP to reverse their immigration policy and close the border. However, they appear to have stepped up their efforts to permanently alter the demographics of the United States.

We are now in the Delta Force stage of the Third World War…a war waged by the DCP against western civilization.


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