It’s Just Communism

27 Jul

I have often been perplexed by the concept of equity and its recent subjugation of the older concept of equality. Kamala Harris explains equity in the following video made while she was still a candidate:

Equity is presented like it is somehow too esoteric for an ordinary person to easily grasp. However, when one has heard about it long enough and seen several examples, it becomes clear that it is really just about using whatever means are available to achieve equality of outcomes. Where have we heard that before?

It is essentially the same as a slogan presented by Karl Marx in Critique of the Gotha Programme: “Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen.” This translates to: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Equity is just communism.

Recently, when Cubans started to actively protest in the streets, members of “The Squad”, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and the rest were curiously silent. Of course, Cuba is a communist nation and members of The Squad are OK with communism.

The Biden administration was slow to show support for Cuban protestors and still has not lifted a finger to help them. It has not helped to set up internet so that island protestors can communicate with each other and hear from the outside world.

What does all this have in common? It is all just Communism. The Democrat party should probably change its name. It is no longer the party that supported slavery, segregation and Jim Crow laws. It is no longer the party that re-enslaved the black population of the United States through the welfare state. It is now the party of Communism. There is nothing more to understand. Communism is back and the late great Democrat party is its most vociferous proponent.

The thing to realize is that it is nothing more than communism. It is not about lingering systemic racism. “Critical Race Theory” has nothing to do with race at all. The term comes from “Critical Theory” which is well understood to be a topic in communism. Inserting the word “race” is just a way to signal that the old notion of class warfare is to be replaced with the essentially identical notion of race warfare. As I explained in my last entry, substituting race for class in the communist quest actually simplifies the process. It is simpler to distinguish between a white person and a brown person than it is to distinguish between a rich person and a poor person. Rich people no longer display obvious expressions of their wealth—they do not wear royal regalia, for example. However, a person’s race can typically be identified at a glance.  Note that BLM supports the Cuban government over the Cuban people. The pretense is gone.

So, the Democrat party is now the Communist party. They cannot rebrand themselves as, for example, the Communist Party USA because that name has been taken. However, since there is no real distinction, the nominal conflict may be irrelevant.

For a good summary of communism, it is simplest just to read Humanist Manifesto I, conveniently provided by the American Humanist Association:

Humanism is just communism too. This will not be a surprise to those who realize that communists have been hard at work for a very long time to bring about their revolution in the United States. You might note that Humanist Manifesto I is signed by John Dewey. He is featured prominently in Mark Levine’s new best seller, American Marxism.

If you want a good summary of the methods used by communists to take control, read this comic book…seriously:

Modern communists also employ the methods described by Saul Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals. Alinsky did not call himself a communist, but it is getting progressively harder to be surprised. For a good summary of Alinsky’s methods, see the following:

The problem with communism is that it requires central planning. Its close cousin fascism also requires central planning. A lot of effort has gone into distinguishing between these two political systems, but in practice they are identical. A lot of effort has also gone into distinguishing between communism and socialism, but they are truly identical. Their definitions in Wikipedia used to be identical, but the website’s Leftist editors apparently caught this oversight and quietly changed them. Central planning always leads to central control which inevitably devolves into dictatorship. Whether people call themselves communists, fascists, socialists or Humanists, they are inevitably destined to be enslaved by a small group of people who will never relinquish power…not unless they are overthrown in some kind of bloody military conflict. 

Cuba adopted communism in 1958. Over sixty years later, it is about to undertake the aforementioned bloody conflict. I suspect, however, that freedom seekers in Cuba will fail. They are not getting any support from their largest and nearest neighbor, the former United States of America. Too bad for them that the late United States of America has been replaced by Unbelievably Stupid America, which I detailed in an essay a while back:

C’est la vie. Too bad for the Cubans they did not start their revolution at the beginning of the Trump administration. Too late…as Newsweek magazine presciently observed, “We are all socialists now.”

And as I explained, it is all really just communism. 


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