WWIII – The Taliban Plan

18 Aug

The scenes Americans see playing across their television screens may seem baffling. However, they are only baffling to people who have not come to terms with political reality.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the English speaking representative of President Xi edged up to Joe Biden at a cocktail party (Possibly, the message came from a representative of Putin.): “You did great work with the illegal immigrants. We should have no trouble swinging the next election. Ok, it’s time to move on to the next stage. We want you to hastily pull out of Afghanistan. It must be a complete humiliation for the United States. And remember, we have Hunter’s other two laptops.” It might actually have been that straight-forward. When someone has a dupe under their thumb, they do not want to be troubled for extended explanations. They expect their dupe to fill in the details.

Joe Biden choked on his drink and said nothing. He grimaced as he weighed images of his entire family going to prison for life against images that echoed the fall of Saigon. He was too old, tired and compromised to become a hero now. It would be better to be remembered as a horrible president than tried as a traitor and spend the rest of his days behind bars…days that would be spent with big, strong, young, sex-deprived felons who all despised him. He knew what he would do.

Joe ordered the withdrawal.

Now the withdrawal is underway. As it is underway, the important thing to keep in mind is that Xi and Putin are on good terms with the Taliban. They are glad to deal with them because Xi and Putin are not concerned with human rights abuses. As far as they are concerned, Taliban men can push homosexuals off of tall buildings and rape little girls to their heart’s content. Leaders that are persecuting Uyghurs or still have nightmares about their days in the KGB are not too concerned about such minor transgressions.

The plan to destroy western civilization and replace it with world communism is well underway. With this humiliation firmly in place, China will soon move into Taiwan and Russia will soon reconstitute the former Soviet Union. Joe Biden will get on TV and say that his administration is “taking measures to ensure the security of Americans abroad”.

“What?” Americans will exclaim, “But the world was secure! China was on its heels! The former Soviet Union was ‘former’!” Americans will throw up their arms and shake their heads in disbelief. In the meantime, the fake news that helped to bring down the last legitimate US president and install a true Manchurian candidate will gaslight Americans and assure them that nothing could have been done to prevent all of this. Brian Williams will knowingly observe, “Post pandemic, the world is going through difficult times.”


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