World War Three Was a Masterpiece of Engineering

15 Jun

My last entry was called “World War Three Is Well Underway”. Since I wrote that, I have had an epiphany.

Recently, a robber in San Francisco was filmed brazenly loading up a bag with goods at a Walgreens while he was being filmed by two people, including a security guard. The thing to note about this robber is that he was wearing a bandanna-like mask.

Where have we seen this before?

Of course, it is how robbers are typically depicted in images of the American West.

If it was your mission to bring about the destruction of Western Civilization and replace it with communism, you would, of course, want to increase crime as much as possible. What better way to do it than to make it “normal” to wear a mask everywhere. The robber videoed above was able to walk into a Walgreens with a robber’s bandanna on without raising an eyebrow. Now, he will be difficult to identify. I am, of course, not the first person to make this connection, but it struck me so clearly while viewing the video of the Walgreens robbery.

Note that we are now learning that the mask mandate did not prevent the spread of Covid-19 and probably exacerbated it. Dr. Fauci and his coconspirators were aware of this.

World War Three was not haphazardly planned or executed. It was a masterpiece of engineering. The CCP, the Democrats and every Leftist behind this putsch were and are masters of strategy.


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