The United States Is in Grave Danger

27 May

There is a scene often repeated in war movies where a soldier hears a click underfoot and realizes he has wandered into a mine field and that as soon as he shifts his weight he will be blown to bits. Right now, as of this moment, the United States is in the exact position of that soldier.

The New York Post has uncovered smoking gun evidence that Joe Biden was deeply involved in his son Hunter Biden’s nefarious enterprises in China:

If this was any other country than China, this would only mean that our President is implicated in some shady dealings. However, China is not like other international foes. The Chinese Communist Party has complete control of everything that goes on in China:

If Joe Biden is involved in criminal activity in China, it is certain that Chinese leadership is keenly aware of every detail and is prepared to use it to their advantage. From the moment that Joe Biden got involved in criminal practices in China, he was effectively their slave. He has to do exactly what they want or they will rain down ruin on his whole family…probably resulting in all of them, even Dr. Jill, going to prison for life…a prison sentence that is likely to go about as well as that of Jeffrey Epstein.

As of this moment, we know that we have a President of the United States that is completely controlled by a hostile foreign power.

That would be bad enough, but here is where the clicking landmine aspect comes in. We now also know that China is responsible for an international crime that killed 7 million people worldwide and caused 4 trillion dollars in damage:

Every office holder in the United States, including every Democrat senator and every Democrat representative, should demand the immediate resignation of Joe Biden. If Joe Biden will not resign and/or Democrats will not cooperate, Republicans should call for immediate impeachment and refuse to cooperate in any legislation until the Democrats agree.

This is our nation’s great moment on the stage of world history. We must not flinch.


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