The Plan

18 Apr

It is beginning to be clear that Leftists in the United States have a very different idea about our nation’s future than traditional Americans have. It is also beginning to be clear that they have a definite plan. We can only hope to counter their activities if we are clear about what they are attempting to accomplish and how they intend to accomplish it.

What we are seeing in the United States today is nothing short of the classic “crime so terrible that no one believes it is happening”. First of all, Leftists and Democrats in the United States have become indistinguishable. Leftist have completely taken over the Democrat party and bent it to their will. The now completely infiltrated Leftist-Democrats have a clear plan. Their plan is to simultaneously pack the Supreme Court with Leftist justices while they pass an unconstitutional national election law that will make it easy for them to steal the next election. They know that if they do the latter, the Republicans will take it to the Supreme Court to get it overturned. However, they are doing the former, packing the Supreme Court, to ensure that they win the case. After that, they intend to secure their power and dominate the United States indefinitely.

Nancy Pelosi will not immediately Bring Jerry Nadler’s Supreme Court packing bill to the floor. However, this is part of an obvious strategy. She wants to wait for Joe Biden’s slanted commission to finish “studying” the Supreme Court and come back with the recommendation that four more justices need to be added. My guess is that the commission will recommend that in order to be “fair” the court needs a gay male, a transsexual, a Native American, and a black woman. In the meantime, the Democrats and the Leftist media will be softening Americans up to the idea of adding justices. They will say things like, “The notion that we should have nine justices is a racist, sexist carryover from the 19th century.” 

When the Biden Supreme Court commission comes back with the recommendation that the court be packed, Joe Biden will declare that in order to be “fair” he is going to do exactly what the commission recommends. Then, Nancy Pelosi will take up the Nadler bill.

Republicans will try to filibuster the bill, but Democrats will call them racist, sexist and homophobic. The Leftist media will pile on. Democrats will use their accusations as an excuse to override the filibuster rule and add four reliably Leftist radical justices to the Supreme Court. They will simultaneously pass their new national voting law.

Republicans will challenge this unconstitutional new voting law in the Supreme Court, but the newly packed Leftist court will uphold it.  

The new Democrat sponsored voting law will make it easy for undocumented immigrants to vote in future elections. It will do this by prohibiting anyone from verifying the identity of any voter. Not coincidentally, the Democrats have been importing undocumented immigrants in record numbers. The Democrats will signal to undocumented immigrants that they can and should vote, and the immigrants will do so. The Democrats will undoubtedly even make it easy for them to vote by going around to them and forcefully harvesting their votes. Undocumented immigrants want, more than anything, to become citizens. They believe the Democrats will ultimately grant them citizenship, so they will eagerly vote for Democrats in the 2022 midterm election.

As a result of the 2022 midterm victories, Democrats will secure super majorities in the House and Senate. With the extra power of having super majorities in both houses, the Democrats will pass more laws ensuring that they can never again lose an election.

Voila! Suddenly, it becomes guaranteed that the Leftist-Democrats have complete power from now on.

Then, the Democrats will begin to remake the United States from a sovereign nation into something akin to the “North American Territory”, now subordinate to some yet unimagined communist new world order.

The plan is that simple. It is so malevolent and un-American that it is almost impossible to believe that it is taking place. Yet, clearly it is, and history will bear it out.

How did we get here? How did we elect leaders this dishonest and corrupt? I have described in the past how ridiculous Joe Biden is. There is good reason to believe that he is an actual “Manchurian candidate”. While Americans can only speculate about Joe’s dealings with China, the Chinese leadership knows exactly what he has been up to and they are ready to destroy him and his family if he dares resist their directives.  Kamala Harris is possibly the most two-faced power-craving reptile that has ever worked her way up the political ladder. She makes Anna from the 2009 television series V seem utterly humane.  She will do literally anything to see her name in lights.

Why do Democrats hate the United States? Have they been so thoroughly corrupted by our education system that they no longer believe in old fashioned ideas like patriotism and sovereign nations?

Is there anything we can do now but watch and marvel at the decline of the greatest nation in the history of the world? Have Americans finally proved that democracy simply cannot work? 

Oh well…this needed to be stated. I have done so. God help us all!


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