A Simple Way to Reconcile Quantum Mechanics With Gravity

10 Sep

Quantum mechanics seems to be irreconcilable with gravity. However, there is a simple way to reconcile them. Instead of assuming that gravity bends space, suppose we assume that it bends quantum probabilities.

It appears that quantum mechanics would work properly if gravity did not exist. So let us start from that assumption. If there were an infinite number of universes comparable to our own where gravity did not exist, quantum randomness would result in at least some of them behaving exactly like the one we observe. However, what I propose is not that our universe is an anomaly. What I propose is that gravity influences quantum probabilities. In other words, instead of bending space, gravity skews the outcome of quantum events.

In a random walk, a walker seems to move around without any pattern other than randomness:

Suppose we have two random walkers standing in proximity. In at least some instances, purely by chance, they will seem to move toward each other as if they are drawn by gravity:

If this occurred on a regular basis, we would be forced to assume that there is some outside force that is skewing the probabilities. In the case of our universe, this force is gravity.

Gravity does not bend space. It bends probabilistic outcomes.

Since gravity can only affect the outcome of quantum events, at the level at which quantum mechanics and gravity seem to be in conflict, gravity effectively disappears.

The curious thing about this theory is that it has already been proved. At the level of particles, the laws of quantum mechanics must be observed. However, at the macroscopic level, gravity must be observed. The only way that a particle can follow the law of gravity is through quantum events occurring in such a way that the law of gravity is effectively observed. The probabilities involved in quantum events are the only available degree of freedom. This is analogous to building a large curved shape out of millions of Legos.

Regardless of how curved the shape appears to be at a large scale, at the scale of individual Legos, they must be joined in the usual manner. Only their offset joining can account for their ultimate shape.


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